SAB: Self Alarm Bracelet

We thought that the standard alarm bracelet was not simple enough to uses so my team mate and I decided to make a new and simpler self alarm bracelet.

What inspired our idea was that so many of the alarm key chain that you have to pull out and the chain  then the alarm will go off. We believed this method was flawed as it could be easily stopped. SAB was made with the idea of automating the processes and being able tot send a signal to the police with your coordinates to reduce response time.

Early on in the concept of SAB we thought of using Arduino but switched to using MicroBit instead as it had an inbuilt radio and accelerometer, this reduced the size of the prototype bracelet as there was no need for an external radio or accelerometer. The case for the MicroBit was made using an 3D printer.

MicroBit uses Python coding witch started out being easy but due be unused to using Python we got trapped by some of the little nuances of Python. This slowed the development of the code for SAB.

Proof Of Concept Design
Sender and Receiver Micro-bits
Receiver Code
Sender Code

SAB: Self Alarm Bracelet was designed by Kessler and MJ

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