Biscuit Toucher

I was asked to make a simple game, so I did. Biscuit Toucher is a game similar to cookie clicker although it doesn’t have nearly enough different upgrades and possibilities.

Biscuit Toucher is a game where you try and get as many biscuits has possible in time before the game crashes. This game is quite fun to play friends and compare scores.

In the game, biscuits are your score, you get upgrades to get more biscuits per second by spending Biscuits. In a way Biscuit Toucher is sort of pay to win the stronger your computer, the longer before your game crashes and therefore the more time you have to get more biscuits.

The background slowly fills up with biscuits as you get more however the more biscuits in the background the higher the chance your game will crash. This means you have to balance your biscuit collection rate with the amount of biscuits in the background, this requires some skill but not too much.

I personally like the biscuit sprite.

This shows the progression of the game from 3 biscuits in the background to a ton of biscuits in the background:

Clicker Game Miley Fleming

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