SWAT Game is a game about killing enemies in a mission, there is an arcade mode in it as well.

Its genre is a 2D top down shooter, you can unlock different guns and collect power-ups hidden in the levels. You control the character using WASD keys and you aim with your mouse.

Features and mechanics which make my game unique are:

  • Mission / boss level
  • Arcade
  • Death animations
  • Boss AI
  • Enemy AI
  • Damage indicators (blood splatter)
  • Different guns to use (pistol, machine gun)
  • Lobby room
  • Hidden items which boost your score
  • Key and door functions

Inspiration from this game comes from a game called stick arena which was a popular flash game around 2008, the game has 108 million plays today. Here is an image of the game:

Stick Arena


Images of my game:

Boss level
Arcade mode


Download the game:

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