Game Review – Terraria

After you’ve customized your character you will spawn into the Terraria world with nothing but random generated pixels and a couple of tools to help you on your journey, you will be put into the world with the vague idea of exploring the biome filled terrain and defeating all mobs that stand in front of you.

Game Description: Terraria is popular a 2D Action/Adventure Sandbox Game developed by Re-Logic and released in May of 2011, Terraria Features exploration, online multiplayer, crafting, building and combat against a large variety of challenges, you will come across many enemies, bosses, events and there is also additional content for both mobile and console versions.

Fun Factor: Terraria has that fun factor because it offers so many different ways to play, there are four main classes that you can choose from, the classes are: Melee, Ranged, Sorcerer and Summoner. 

Control And Gameplay: Terraria is a 2D game and the goal of the game is to explore the terrain, defeat enemies and collect and craft gear until you’re strong enough to defeat the ‘wall of flesh’, once defeated your world will present the message “The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released.” and you will be put into hardmode meaning stronger enemies will now spawn and they will be spawning more frequently, you will be faced with more much more bosses and challenges, this is one side of terraria and the game is much larger having more than 15 different bosses with all different mechanics and difficulty in game you can change your keybinds to suit any playstyle you would like. Your normal controls are Space, A, S and D and both mouse buttons but you can change this in game in the controls menu.

Graphics: Imagine what Minecraft might be like if it was made with pixel art sprites on a Nintendo device and that summarises the overall look of Terraria.

Sounds: Every mob and tool has their own unique sounds/screams as well as every boss and event which has their own unique music that plays when a certain function happens or a certain boss enemy spawns.

When you enter different biomes you will notice a change in sounds and that is because every biome has different music to go along with it.

Replayability: My initial thought was this game is hard but when I started getting into it and learning some stuff about weapons and what’s good I started having lots of fun, I have racked up over 1100 hours and will continue to put in more, after you complete one playthrough try out a specific class, hardcore or expert mode.

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