For Honor Game Review

For Honor is an online multiplayer game that takes place in medieval times. It is a third-person, melee combat, action-game where you choose between twenty-four different characters from three clans: the knights, the Vikings and the Samurai. For Honor has many online game modes such as duels, brawls, breach and dominion. For the occasions when you are not interested in multiplayer you have access to a single player story-mode about a bloodthirsty warlord and her army plunging the world into chaos and you being the only one who can stop them.

Fun factor
For Honor is known to be difficult and harsh to defend yourself from other players if not well practiced in the game’s mechanics. The adrenaline pumping combat makes the game extremely fun and satisfying. Its quick reaction times keep you aware and on the edge of your seat when defeating your enemies.

Control and gameplay

When playing online you are given the option to choose between twenty-four different characters all with unique weapons, Armour, abilities, and combat styles. Due to the massive amount of characters and the harsh difficulty of the game it can be overwhelming to find your own character and unique play-style, but fear not because the game offers a training mode where it gives you helpful tips on all the characters and takes you through each attack that every character can accomplish. To help people choose their own play-style, the game has separated all the characters into four classes.

  1. The Vanguards: all-rounder characters with a little bit of everything from each class.
  2. The Assassins: trading armor for speed these deadly characters can attack quickly and keeps constant pressure on other players.
  3. The Heavies: strong and slow these characters trade speed for armor using slow devastating power to overwhelm their enemies whilst being unfazed by enemy attacks.
  4. The Hybrids: characters who specialize in kicks, punches and bashes to daze and confuse their enemies putting them in dangerous situations.

For Honor also has four different game modes in which to use these characters,

  1. Duels: a one on one fight between two players, the first one to win three times wins the duel.
  2. Brawls: you and your friend versus two other players, first pair to win three times wins the brawl.
  3. Dominion: the main mode of the game, dominion is a four versus four game mode, in order to win one team must capture and control zone A, B and C.
  4. Breach: one of the newest modes to the game is called Breach and is a four versus four mode that has two teams, the defenders and the attackers. The defenders have the task of defending the castle and their king from the attackers. The attacking team’s job is to escort their battering ram through the field and onto two castle doors while keeping an eye on their limited amount of lives. Once through the two doors, the attackers must defeat the defenders’ king in order to win. For the defenders, the only way to win is to defeat the attacking team and force them to use all of their lives or defeat their battling ram by using an oil cauldron at each door, an average breach game lasts anywhere from twenty to thirty-five minutes.


The game’s graphics when playing look very refined and polished but due to the game being so fast pace there are a variety of small and lower grade graphics in spots that players might overlook. An example of this is the world outside the games maps. The world outside looks smudged and plain in some spots with no real concentration to detail.


As well as each character having unique weapons and armor they also have their own voice. In the midst of battle, each character can be heard shouting, screaming and grunting. Each character also has their own catch phrase when using certain attacks. These phrases can be heard quite clearly when fighting and most characters can be easily identified when hearing the phrase.


The story mode of the game is very difficult but once you complete the story and wish to play it again the game gives you the option to make the story mode even more difficult. For the online section of the game, when winning a match of any kind in the game you are rewarded with new weapons and armor for your character. These items unlock new perks that make future matches easier and fun. Along with the weapons and armor you are given experience. Experience is used in two ways, when achieving a certain amounts of experience in the game you unlock certain abilities that can be used mid-game to help you win the match. Although experience is more commonly used as a weapon of some sort, having a high level on a certain character can drive fear into your enemies thus causing them to be overwhelmed and making irrational decisions giving the player a great opportunity for an easy win. The reason for such concern of highly experienced players is due to the fact of getting very little experience after games, meaning that when other players are a higher level often means they have played the game for far longer and have learnt and experienced a lot more about their character.


Is this game for you?

This game is arguably one of the hardest games I have ever played and I would only recommend it for the more skilled and determined players. Although the game is difficult it is not impossible, all the amazing players you will see in this game are only good because they too had a difficult beginning and over time has learnt how to play the game effectively. Give it a try…

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