Game Review – Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive game that was released on the 25th of August 2015. It is a story-driven game in which the player controls multiple characters throughout the course of the game. It is a very heavily path-based game with the main gameplay being picking what your character says or does but without controlling them directly. This allows the game to focus heavily on the story. It was designed and made by Supermassive games and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Gameplay and Story

The story is set around a group of teenagers that go to a lodge in the woods to hang out and have fun for a few days. But shortly after they arrive strange things start to occur and they begin to see a strange man around the place. You must survive the night while also uncovering while all these strange things are happening.

I found this game very fun to play but I really enjoy story- driven games, especially ones that allow you to make decisions that change the outcome of the game. The controls are simple which makes them easy to pick up and become good at. In this game you control multiple characters which can each die or survive depending on what decisions you make. This makes you think about the actions you make as the will affect the outcome of the game.

Graphics, Sound and Replayability

At the time this game was released, the graphics were extremely impressive for a console game. The sound design is very good and helps add to the immersion of the game. Overall the sound and graphics combined make for a very immersive experience. After you finish the game, there are many different reasons to go back and replay play it. The main draw is that there are multiple different ending which are affected by the choices you make. There are also collectibles which contain additional story information if you feel like finding and collecting them.

I would highly recommend this game as I had great fun with it.

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