OldSchool Runescape Game Review

OldSchool Runescape (abbreviated as OSRS) is an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game), released in 2004 on personal computers and 2018 on mobile phones. Although old, the game still has a large active player base, 100,00 players daily.

Thrown into Gielinor, the world’s name for Runescape. The player is surrounded by a fantasy medieval theme. A player must first complete the tutorial on Tutorial Island

Fun factor

Everyone starts the same in Runescape, there are 26 different skills the player is given. A skill starts at level 1 and ends at level 99. Every skill is independent and unique in its own way. An example of that is:

  • 60 Attack allows you to equip dragon weapons, you can hit higher damage and do special attacks.
  • 40 Defense, rune armour is now equippable, a strong armour that helps you in combat.
  • 14 Runecrafting, able to craft fire runes to use in magic attacks or teleportation around Gielinor.
  • 85 Fletching, craft your own magic bow along with dragon arrows for the best range setup.

Platform differences



  • GUI works well
  • GUI can be hard on smaller phones and seems like it could be improved
  • Performance is great, can be played on any computer
  • Performance is heavy for what the game looks
  • 3rd-party clients are available for enhanced or easier playing experience
  • Can only play on the official client


PC version
Mobile version

Controls and game play

Using a point and click user interface design, it is very simple and easy to understand. Runescape’s PC interface is used for the mobile. In my opinion, it is a bad design and should be redesigned, my reasoning is that you shouldn’t be using a 15 year old interface for a 2019 mobile game.


Low-poly and mediocre textures, the game still features the same objects and terrain from its initial release in 2004. The sky is black and the render distance is low.

OldSchool Runescape does not have much to offer in this aspect. Running bare-bone graphics means that it can run on low-end computers and mobile phones great.


Above, is a town named Lumbridge. It is the first town new players will spawn in after Tutorial Island, a famous island to every veteran of the game. The bridge connects to the entrance of Al-Kharid desert and various farms belonging to Lumbridge.


Runescape offers ambient noises, background music, sounds based on combat and other various skilling. MIDI format is used for all of the game sounds, although outdated, it still fulfills the immersive experience.


Starting over again can feel monotonous if you do not have a new specific role. It becomes not very fun further you go, as you feel like you have already achieved the goal.


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