The Binding of Isaac game review

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth is a like top-down shooter where you have to fight your way through floors with countless enemies and bosses .


T is a top down shooter with very simple controls wasd to move arrow keys to shoot. The simplicity is what gives the game its charm you could sit the game in front of anyone and they could play it as the controls are on the first room.

The game is very adaptive on how the player wants to play. Every floor has an item that will affect Isaac in a cosmetic and effect way. His stats and or his tears will change the way you play if you want to play. More experienced players will try and get deals with the devil In these rooms you will sell your heart containers for very powerful items which can completely change a run from hanging on by a thread to breezing through without any problem.


The entire game is based around replayability. The game can only be progressed by playing it over and over again. The game progresses as you beat the major bosses x amount of times unlocking new floors and new items. This also makes the game very repetitive at times which turns a lot of people off of the game.


the game scales with the amount of time played every time you complete a run more monsters will be put in. After the first 5 runs you will get everything is terrible achievement witch greatly increases the games difficulty as well as there being a hard mode.


The Binding of Isaac is a very unique indie game with a lot of charm and a lot of verity along with great mod support makes the game infinitely replayable. I would greatly recommend The Binding of Isaac to anyone who likes rouge likes, casual games or a good challenge. At $20 and being on almost every platform as well as being easy to run makes this game a must have.

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