Skate 3 Review

Skate 3 is a video game available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Ps3. It was released on May 13, 2010. The game revolves around an up and coming skater. The game’s general target audience was obviously skaters, it was also popular among teens and adults. Its predecessors Skate, and Skate 2 were widely enjoyed and when another skate game never came out there was outroar from the community.

A new game is expected/hoped to be announced by EA eventually as the player base and community loved the first three games. Skate 3 is currently available on the previous generation consoles and Xbox 1. It is not available on the current generation platform, Playstation 4.


The game is an open world skating game set from the third person view. The location of Skate 3 is set in a fictional city, Port Caverton. After the events of the previous game Skate 2, the protagonist of the story is already known as a fairly talented skater. Your character is attending Port Caverton University, after they attempt and fail the infamous “Jump the Shark” trick. After this they try to become the best skateboard seller in the city with a group of other talented skaters like himself. The game starts in a scene with coach Frank, who is helping the main character learn new skate tricks and how to play. With very easy and simple instructions to follow this introduction is very quick. The character is then sent to the university where he is set skating challenges by fellow skaters. The main story then continues from there on.

During the story, the character can leave the basic story and complete side quests at will. The character can also just explore the given area for free roaming and learning new tricks.




The game incorporates a complex series of tasks and challenges, which involve following or copying other skaters taking part in skills and different trick combinations. These skills are unlocked and learnt as you become a better and more experienced skater. The tricks involve combos of buttons on the controller. 40 tricks are available in the entirety of the game.

The Verdict

Skate 3 is an extremely enjoyable and fun game. The free roam aspect means the fun can take place for hours even after the basic campaign has been finished. The main story has an overall length of about 9 hours, with up to 25 hours to complete all the extras and side missions I have around 75 hours on the game. The game rarely gets boring and by my opinion is best played online or with friends. Other similar skating games are better in some aspects, but in my opinion the game is much more fun than these. No matter how long I play skate 3 I never get bored.

Thomas Jenkins-Andrews

Skate 3  3.5/5 Rating




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