The Outlaw

We made a game that we wanted to have a base hub where you were able to select your level while also interacting with things in the hub. The objective was to see if you could finish all these levels, each designed to be different and unique compared to the others. It had a simple story, you are an outlaw in the west and must kill the bad guys and occasionally fight a boss. You have two weapons at your disposal, a sword and a gun and you are able to choose which weapon you want to use at any time during a level.

The game turned out to be a bit different to what we originally planned, we originally intended to have multiple types of guns but we ended up only having one due to programming issues. While creating this game we learned a lot about how to use game maker and the cool things you can do with it. This will come in very useful if we ever want to use game maker again in the foreseeable future.  In the end we were happy with our project however it did not have as many levels as what we were originally hoping. We changed how many guns were in the game as we could not learn the correct programming to have the player pickup multiple different guns. Our most significant challenge was getting the player animations to work with the sword animations as when one was going the other was not working however, after a few lessons of trying new things and playing around with the programming we did get them to work. We realized that it was just an error with how we had programmed it and was easy to fix once we found the problem.

If we had more time to work on our game we would simply create more levels and make more variation between them (while also adding more detail to the levels). We would also add more content and decoration to the main hub of the game like mini games, trees and buildings. If we were to start this project again then we would build the game around what we knew we could do rather than planning for things we were unable to put in the final product. The project was originally inspired by games like Zelda and the Binding of Isaac but we wanted it to be a unique experience as well. It is designed for people who enjoy 2D action/adventure old style games and to attract the younger gaming audience as it was not very hard to learn and was fun to play with a cartoon art style.


  • Aaron Mays (sprite designer and animation programmer)
  • Matt Eaton¬† (main game programmer)

Special Acknowledgements

  • Brendan Edser – helped with the game programming


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