Trip to Insanity, Game

Only 10% of people can beat this game, can you?

Trip to Insanity, is a fun but difficult platforming game, developed by Miley and Tom.

The game has both single player and 2-player modes which are great fun for everybody, even if you aren’t one of the 10% who can beat it. There is even a hard mode for daring souls who like a challenge. The game has up to 7 single-player levels and another 7 two-player levels, which can provide hours of fun depending on our good you are as well as your partner. The game also as challenging puzzle in the two player mode which you and your partner.


– Challenging Puzzles
– Hours of content longer than portal one and two (depending on skill level)
– Simple but beautiful sprites
– 7 levels of single player content + a difficult hard mode
– 7 levels of two-player challenges
– Music (coming soon)
-Refreshing game mechanics different to other platformers but still fun

Trip to Insanity Game File:
Trip To Insantiy, Game Miley and Tom

Overall, I feel the finished product was successful and our goal was reached. I learnt in the process that time management and team work are probably the most important sills to have, especially when a product requires more than a single person.

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