Zombie Shooter

I made a top down shooter, almost.

The aim of this game was for it to be a top down shooter with weapons you can pick up and enemies you can kill. I also planned on attempting to create an inventory system but by the time I got to it I realised that I should have started with that. The other main objective was to work out a pause button and screen and cut scenes but again, due to lack of time/effort I didn’t complete.

Compared to what I wrote as a briefing, it didn’t as well as planned and you can clearly see that if you play the game. The cut scenes and the enemies aren’t that good, mainly because there are no cut scenes and the enemies don’t really move yet. But they exist and they look at you if you get to close.

I did happen to achieve a pause button and it does do what it is supposed to. The guns are another working aspect of the game and I now know that there is an easier way to do the guns and the sprites and practically everything.

Another thing I leaned was that I set way to high of expectations for myself. going into this I thought it would be easy but by the looks of the final result, I had no idea what I was thinking.

What worked.

  • Guns
  • Zombie range of sight
  • Boundaries

With what I know now, I would improve a lot of things. For example.

  • Zombie sprites
  • Zombie movement
  • Bullet and firing coding
  • Animation

Captures in the testing/development phase –


Inspiration/concept photos –

Image result for enter the gungeon   Preview




I’m making a point to say that Kessler did help me a lot when I was in trouble and is also the reason why I know how to do a lot of things easier now.

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