Slither-Classic is a game that emulates classic snake game and the main objective that drove its design was the result of combining the two games.

A player is a blue dot in the middle of the screen, to start the game a player must only have to press the control keys

Slither-Classic Controls

  • [W A S D] OR [LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN] Arrows to move
  • [SPACE BAR] to speed up


The player must at all cost try to avoid colliding with other colours that aren’t the same colour as there head.

You can download a copy of it here

Tanki Online Review

Tanki Online is a 3D browser based tank game. It is a free-to-play MMO-shooter with real-time PvP-battles built on Flash technology. Players fight each other online in a fully 3D arena, earning in-game currency and advancing their tanks to better their armour and weapons.

The games features are close to real physics so tanks can get stuck in deep pits, overturn or fall from the bridge. Players can fight individually in the Death Match, form teams in the Team Death Match or hunt down the flag in the Capture the Flag mode. You can gain experience and crystals in a variety of ways, including destroying enemies, healing allies, and capturing flags. The more experience you get, the higher your rank will be and overall the better chance you will have defeating lower ranked players.

There are many types of armour, weapons and bonuses available. Higher ranks unlock new coats, turrets, armour and supplies. All of these can be bought in the Garage using the in-game currency — crystals. You can gain crystals in battles, buy them (with real money) or get them as a gift for inviting your friends to the game.

I’ve been playing this game for over a year and I have enjoyed it since the beginning. The game is constantly being updated and its growing community is very active. It’s possible to ask any questions about the game regarding the bugs you’ve encountered or raise complaints about your experience. To my surprise, questions are typically answered within 2 hours either by your fellow gamers or the developers themselves which is always a bonus.

This game is very addictive as I’ve found it. The one thing I particularly like about it is how simple the game’s mechanics are and yet very fun to play. For you guys who don’t have a powerful gaming computer, this game can almost run on any computer without the experience of glitches or anything technical.

There are various weapons in the game and each gives a unique experience and different gameplay. “So if you ever feel anyway close to being bored change the weapon”. Personally, I love using particular sets of weapons which are:  real gun, Shaft and the Shotgun they pack a real punch to the enemies.  If that doesn’t suit you, there are many other weapons and hull to choose from.

All in all, I have found no faults during the year I’ve played this game. It has some bugs, but they have never affected the way I play the game. After all, we’re only humans.

I would recommend this game to anyone because I find it good, to an extent where I pour hours and hours of my day playing it. Also if you think you have a better computer I would highly recommend you to test out Tanki X. It’s made by the same people who made Tanki Online. This version is made using Unreal Engine, so you can expect the graphics to be top-notch.

Please navigate to this website, to advance your knowledge about Tanki Online




Compiled by: Brian Shisanya


Pac-Trouble is a top-down shooter game, it combines Pacman and Tank Trouble. In the game, you navigate around as a tank armed with red pellets to shoot at “Pacman” the enemy of the game.

Your main objective as a player is to kill as many Pacman as possible. Your objective is to survive as long as possible.

Tip: It’s absolutely critical to kill the enemies in the early stages as more of them will increasingly spawn making it difficult to survive.


  • WTo move forward
  • ADTo rotate right and left
  • SPACETo shoot



By Brian, Darrian, and Josh

Simon Says – Brian & Darrian

Simon Says is a simple memory game.

The idea was to have different colours of bricks symmetrically placed on a wheel with the wheel hooked on motor.

Programmatically the wheel would be rotated in a random sequence which in a player’s perspective would see a random set of colours pause between intervals of a second. The player would then be required to remember the colours that get displayed in order.

At the end, the wheel will stop spinning alerting the player to retrace the colours he/she was supposed to remember in a sequence using the brick buttons. The up and down buttons rotate the wheel in a positive and negative direction, and the center button confirms the the colour.

Our inspiration draw from a famous kids TV show called the Wiggles.

Our start on this project was pretty scrappy. Through brain storming, trial-and-error, and making a couple of prototypes, it became pretty clear that we were going to make a memory game which happens to be Simon Says.

Full code




Future Plans
To ensure we improve in future, we must seek for help as early as possible.

It’s crucial to understand spending too much time on a prototype only results in failure or unpredictable outcome on a project.