Pokémon Game Review

Pokémon is a turn-based RPG game series created by Nintendo where you, a Pokémon trainer, are given a creature called a Pokémon. You can use this Pokémon to battle wild Pokémon, weaken and have a chance at catching that Pokémon for your own use or defeating it to let your own Pokémon gain experience to level up and become stronger.

During the game, you make allies and enemies. You use your Pokémon throughout the whole game to solve problems, beat other Pokémon trainers in friendly battles, and face evil teams that want to steal and control Pokémon for evil purposes!

Once your Pokémon team are strong enough you can challenge various gyms. Gyms are buildings where a trainer goes to battle trainers and can earn a badge from that gym. Gyms are run by Gym Leaders, which are very strong Pokémon trainers, and once defeated give you that Gym’s badge. Once you have all eight badges you are eligible to enter the Pokémon League which contains the Elite Four, four of the best trainers in the land and then you have the chance to face up against the Champion. The Champion is the strongest trainer in the Region.

Fun Factor: Pokémon is a very fun game to play as it can suit all types of players ranging from the casual child player to the most strategic, competitive player. It also appeals to players who like to seek rarities in the quest to catch ‘em all.

Gameplay/Controls: The gameplay of Pokémon is very smooth and easy to understand due to the few buttons on the devices that these games are played on.

Graphics: Pokémon is a bit behind when it comes to graphics. It originally started out in pixelated 8-bit and in black and white. The best graphics Pokémon has is in its latest game releases – Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. These games have 720p graphics with 3D sprites making it appear very pixelated in some places.

Sound: The sound in the Pokémon games are well suited to the game style.

Replayability: Pokémon is very replayable. You can choose a different starter Pokémon, you can create a different character, make a different team. The possibilities are almost endless!

-Jonathan Mommers