Bad Piggies HD

Bad Piggies HD is a scrolling, driving game. After the software has loaded the first task is to build your vehicle and then driving through the obstacle course.

Fun factor. This game is good fun and it’s fun to play. You start by building a very simple vehicle on level 1 and, as you go through the levels, add more and more parts to make bigger, and more interesting, vehicles. There were types of parts like fans to blow you along, balloons to help you fly and springs to bounce you along. As you go through the game and get more parts, the levels become harder and harder.

Controls and gameplay

The game is controlled by the mouse and on-screen push button controls. They are easy to use and very simple to work out. The car must collect the prize box before passing the finish line.


The graphics are alright but a bit old school. The sprites and scenery are colourful and some of the antics of the movements are pretty funny.


The sounds are all fairly simple with different sounds for each of the different engines. The pig has a squeal when he is driving along and gives a big whoop when he achieves the goals. There are lots of banging and crushing when the level is successfully completed or the vehicle crashes and you have to restart the game.


Each time you play the game and fail to finish the level you can rebuild the car in a different way before having another attempt. Sometimes many attempts are needed to successfully complete each level. This can keep you playing time and time again.