SuperClashBruh Trilogy

The SuperClashBruh trilogy is a completely unique, never been done before, one of a kind multiplayer game in which both players choose one of the three characters and fight to the death.

Each of the three games is not like the last being completely unique with new characters, backgrounds, blocks and names.

The trilogy Contains:

  • SuperClashBruh
  • SuperClashBruh 2, FlIp
  • SuperClashBruh Origins, The Prequel


Bug Glove MK IV – Tim, Jonathan, Jayden

Our project is a haptic claw and car controlled by a glove and D-Pad. It could be used for precise operations.

The way we did this is we had it set up so when the buttons were active the glove would lock and when the glove moved the claw closed.

The original concept for the Bug-Glove was to have it automatically lock when the pressure sensors are pushed in.

This was later removed for safety reasons concerning malfunctions.

Code for the car and claw


Bug Glove MK II- The original prototype, basic frame, basic coding and lots of glitches

Bug Glove MK III- Larger wrist strap

Bug Glove MK IV- The later model, advanced frame, advanced coding and few glitches

Some of the code for the glove