Not Geometry Dash


Not geometry dash is a game where you must use complete focus and concentration to jump over blocks and spikes to reach the end of each level. It sounds easy but don’t be fooled, the game has been designed to be as difficult as possible in every form, even getting past the third level has proved a daunting task. The controls are simple, space to jump and the rest is up to you.


The finished product of our game was not quite what we imagined it to be, our original idea was to basically create Geometry Dash and throw in a few ideas of our own along the way, however, our own ideas started to fade when we got too caught up in trying to make the game. The base game we made was a good design but we lacked in terms of real ideas. We are happy with the finished result, although we do wish we could have spent more time on it. There were one or two ideas that we could not figure out, such as the rotation of the character. As a result we were forced to leave these ideas behind. If we had more time to work on the game we would definitely add more detail and attempt to fix minor issues but apart from that we are happy with the game. If we were to remake the game again we would spend our time more effectively an do the hard parts first.

play it now…

Not Geometry Dash