Switch Pong

Switch Pong is a revolutionary game, which takes the classic Pong and turns it on its head. Like Pong, the aim is to score higher than your opponent and claim ultimate victory!

To achieve victory you must be prepared for the the most difficult mental and technical challenge you have ever faced. Learning your opponents strategy is key, and hitting the ball is a must. Mastering the art of manipulating gravity takes time, but I’m sure you can do tit. The world needs more heroes, so step up and take the challenge.


The final product achieved the overall desired goal, which was Pong, with a gravity switching mechanic.

Proposed Aims:

  • Spiced up version of pong
  • 2 Player Multiplayer
  • Score Tracker
  • Gravity Shifting
  • Chickens

All of these aims were met, except for the final one. The idea of chickens was randomly generated, and did not end up being incorporated into the game, as I believe they didn’t belong with the setting.

From creating the game, I learned about several new features which can be implemented into my games. The first thing I learned was how to change an object’s gravity. I also learned how to create and position functioning score trackers. I am happy with the final product, as I accomplished my primary aims, while also continuing to learn about all of GameMakers features.

Various changes were made throughout the development stage to the values of speed, and size of arena and paddles. The final values felt balanced, as rounds could be both short or long. The main challenge I encountered was the ball hitting the sides of the paddles, which resulted in breaking the game. This was resolved by bringing the boundary for scoring to the same alignment as the player, meaning that as soon as it registers as being past the players x axis, the opponent scores.

With more time I would introduce more mechanics, such as power-ups or portals.


Game Download ↓↓↓


  • Player 1: W=Up, S=Down, A=Gravity Switch
  • Player 2: Up=Up, Down=Down, Left=Gravity Switch