I bless the rains

The robot was designed to do a thing when it saw red and it did do the thing when it saw red.


The robot encountered an issue where it still did the thing even though it saw both blue and yellow and this bug was sadly not fixed

When it was shown to the class the thing the robot did was show an image and play a song, the song used was Africa by Toto and the picture was of a clip art character.

The main problem encountered was that the program didn’t work in experiment mode but this was fixed with the help of rob and just doing it as a normal program it was fixed

character used


Obstacle course thing

The robot ran the obstacle course and ran it in a little bit over 9 seconds.

The robot managed to get around the Lego brick using the ultrasonic sensor to detect when it was past it and proceeded to do a series of movements which would get him around to the other side and then drove past the finish line.

The robot was reliable as almost every time it went it did what it had to and did it well.