I See Red


Create a robot that only detects the color red, and nothing else.

You could also get the robot to go forward if detecting another color, but then stop when it detects red. Or get it to play a sound.



The challenge requirements were getting the robot to detect red.

We accomplished that, and every time the robot would detect red it would play the voice line “okey-dokey”

By Jameson, Nick, Isaac, Jack

Bob the Generic

The Challenge...

The goal is to create a robot that is able to push, grab or outmanoeuvre an opponent in a game of Sumo.

Main Theme/Idea of Prototype

Our robot was originally designed with a ramp on the front for lifting/pushing other robots out of the ring, however it exceeded the size limit.

The front of the robot featured a small neck which was fitted with a light sensor for detecting the outside of the ring to prevent it from throwing itself out of the game.

The robot was named Bob the Generic because of its creators lack of interest for making a perfect robot. Our team created a program which allowed the robot to make quick and sporadic movements. It didn’t detect other robots, it was designed to be undetectable to other robots due to its insane agility.

What Worked?

  • It successfully outmanoeuvred the opponent robots most of the time.
  • The light sensor worked 100% of the time and Bob never fell out of the ring.
  • The neck allowed it to safely peek over the edges without falling off.
  • The program overall was successful.

What Didn’t Work?

  • Unfortunately various tests and rules prevented us from keeping the ramp.
  • The design process for the neck was rocky, however we were able to resolve it.
  • It has a lack of sensors to actually detect opponents.
By Isaac, Nick, and Jameson.

Our Obstacle Course project

We designed and constructed this robot, to partake and complete the obstacle course project.

Line of code used for obstacle course


Program your robot to run an obstacle course in the fastest time

This challenge introduces the following concepts

  • Autonomous v remote control
  • reliability and repeat ability
  • Bluetooth? (intermediate – requires some additional knowledge)

Robot Performance

Autonomous  – One point for each

  • Robot uses sensors to dive around the obstacle and back to the start, without failing, or falling of the edge.
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Fastest autonomous robot or does something equally amazing.


We knew from the beginning we needed the robot to have a extended neck to easily detect darkness or light, and to also give robot wheels time to turn. Ball at the back to make turning easier, because then it doesn’t have to carry the back wheels.