Alarmy McJig

The challenge

Create an assistive device.

What we made

Alarmy-McJig is an assistive device that when a button is pressed it will activate a band with a vibrating function on the wrist to help people that can’t hear their doorbell.


  • A button that activates a vibrating motor.
  • A motion sensor that activates a vibrating motor.

Evaluation and reflection

  • How well did you meet the challenge requirements?

We didn’t meet the requirements very well at all.

  • What would you do next if you had more time?

Manage it better.

  • What did you learn?

To manage our time better.

  • How could your team perform better next time?

Time management.

Greg the Destroyer Mk2

Greg the Destroyer Mk2

The challenge

Create a robot to do a sumo battle that is lighter than 1 KG and fits easily into a circular tin.


This is how we made GREG’s code.

This is the grand final fight against EV6.

Evaluation and reflection

GREG’s key points were his speed and the ramp being able to blitz the enemy before they could react.

If we had more time I would make it heavier and add more ramp.