Bench Bot

The challenge for this project was to make an assistive robot to help with a variety of things.

Our approach to this was to build a robot that helps to wipe down things such as a kitchen bench.

We decided to do this by building a pretty standard but also sturdy robot with a sponge mounted that would drive around a bench and clean it. We found that this was a better approach than something such as remote control, because with Bench Bot you turn it on, press a button then it automatically will clean a bench that it is put on.

Something that might be of comparison to Bench Bot could potentially be a Roomba. A Roomba is an automatic vacuum that will clean the floors of your house or building without assistance.

Bench Bot was our final project, but before we started building we brainstormed a variety of things to help with assisting people.

  • An automatic filer.
  • A bionic arm.
  • Dispenser for a multitude of objects

Pictures of Bench Bot in its almost final form. After this from we added a second ultrasonic sensor to make sure it couldn’t possibly fall off the table.

For this challenge, I feel that Bench Bot was fairly successful as an assistive device. If more time was given or time was used in the best way, I feel more things could’ve been added to make Bench Bot better. A water source could’ve been implemented to make it less difficult to run and setup. A better design might have been a better approach as bench bot currently looks pretty boring.

Tom and Miley.

I see red

In this challenge the task was to create a robot that when it saw a colour (red) it reacted in a specific way.

Our robot was hand held which made it easier to move around and get it to see the colour

We programmed our robot to when it see’s red say the word, “red”, and make the lights on the brick go that same colour, using a variety of programs and switches.

We didn’t manage our time the greatest so we forgot to program it to see other colours or do any extended things