Fishing Game – Callum & Matthew

Fishing rods

Our game is a fishing game. We built a fishing rod out of LEGO and the EV3 brick.

The gryo sensor detects when you cast the rod. You then wait until you get a bite. If you get a bite, start winding. If not, cast again. As you wind in, there will be some fight back in the reel. We did this by making the motor move backwards and forward quickly to simulate a fish fighting.

This was a two-player game. Whoever reels in the fish first wins.

We chose this project because Callum and Matthew like fishing.

The hardest part during this project was the fight back with the fish – trying to get the right amount of fight.

If we could improve anything, we’d like to make it wireless, so there weren’t cables to the EV3 brick.

Code for reel in and haptic feed back

Remote Control Obstacle Course – Dylan & Connor S

Our haptics project is a remote controlled robot vehicle, with a built-in timer, put into an obstacle course for people to race around.

The robot and the controller are connected via Bluetooth. The robot uses light sensors so that it does not fall of the table or go over the boundary lines. The controller uses touch sensors to increase and decrease speed. We used haptics in the steering so that people cannot over steer. Detects finish line with an infrared sensor and stops the timer and cuts controls.

We chose to do an obstacle course because we wanted to do a spin on the classic remote control car. The obstacles are because we wanted to make the game difficult. Most of the obstacles were made out of Lego because we wanted to incorporate it as much as possible.

We learned that our robot was hard to control when the speed was greater then 20. We also learned that there are better options then touch sensors for changing speed.

The obstacle course was good and worked well. The only component that did not work where the spinning blades on the front of the robot.

We would modify the controller so that it is easier to use. The speed of the robot would also have to be reduced so that more people could finish the course without crashing.