Circle Rush – James B

Circle Rush is an EV3 Lego robotics game coded in Java using the leJOS library. In this project you start as a unit made of two circles. You must dodge enemies bouncing off the side of the screen, but beware when they hit you – your steering wheel rotates also losing health in the process. Once your health bar disappears the game will end. Running off the screen will also end the game.

This project using the concept of a small portable game for entertainment.

I originally planned for a racing game where you dodge obstacles but my idea evolved into a dodging game.

I encountered few failures in my project as I have lots of experience coding with Java but learning how to implement the hardware into the code would be the hardest part I experienced.

How I did it
When the game starts, a thread is started to run the Update and Render method. In the update methods I cycle through each entity stored in a list which controls their AI using basic logic. This also updates their velocity. In their render method, using the LCD screen as an input, this is used to draw each entity to the screen

Each entity inherits a GameObject class which contains the main variables and methods to control each entity. There are also many other things that I did in the coding but this is the main concept behind how I did it.

By James B

Death on the Dancefloor!

death-on-the-dancefloorDeath on the Dancefloor is my DIY game. The basic premise of the game is to jump and avoid the blades. The game isn’t entirely finished and there are two levels currently implemented including proper jumping and collision with slight animations. There is a range of music implemented that go well with the game.

NOTE: The game exceeds the maximum file size able to be uploaded to the blog, so you can download the game here.

*Disclaimer* All songs included in this game are not owned or created by me, they all belong to their respective owners, I’m only using them for educational creation purposes.

Song links

  • Metal Crusher – Toby Fox:
  • Death by Glamour – Toby Fox remixed by RichaadEb:
  • Through the Fire and Flames – DragonForce:
  • Sandstorm – Darude:


Cops n Robbers REMASTERED!

Cops n Robbers Remastered is (well obviously) a remastered version of our original game, Cops n Robbers.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to completely remaster it the way we wanted, due to members being sick and away for other reasons.

In the Remastered version (well what we manage to fit in) were a few, unique ideas that we thought players (like you) would find quite interesting and something that should’ve already been apart of the original game.

One major thing we wanted to add into the game was a background. We wanted to add a prison background into the first level, so during the chase, it would feel like the robber would be trying to escape prison and escaping the police and getting freedom. With the other two levels, we wanted players to feel like the chase is lasting from day to night, so we added a day and night time background, to give the players a feel of what a chase would be like.

The images below show all three levels, we wanted to have four and make that the final level, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time and we rarely had a full team.


Something that we managed to get in was sound. Unfortunately it was only for the cop. What we mean by that is the sirens so the robber knows that the police is chasing them, as we want to make it feel like a real life, intense police chase. We also wanted to add background music, so it could give you a real life experience.

Another thing we wanted to add but unfortunately couldn’t, was the images of the sprites. The alternative meaning for it, is that we wanted the cop sprite to look like a police car, and the robber as a completely different car, but due to the image sizes, and the fact that this is a platform game, it would look quite strange, seeing cars jumping from platform to platform continuously.

There was plenty more we wanted to add but couldn’t.

Brodie, Dylan and Kyle. 😉


Rocket League Game Review

rocket-league2Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game made by Psyonix and released for Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox. The game’s concept is soccer with rocket powered vehicles.

Fun factor

The game features various multiplayer modes catering for almost everybody including duel, doubles, standard, chaos. There are also competitive versions of these modes with ranks to define your skill. Rocket League also has less serious modes such as hoops, snow day and rumble. Hoops is basketball based, snow day is hockey, and rumble is a battle mode with power ups. These modes add more variety to the game.

Controls and gameplay

Incredibly fun sports action. Very accessible, easy-to-learn controls. Physics-based gameplay creates high skill ceiling. The controls are also customizable to what works for you. The only real downside to the gameplay is the game’s ball cam, making the camera follow the ball, which causes confusion to new players. Also, the in-game chat is really bad and almost inaudible.


The graphics of the game are nice and colourful.


The sounds of the game are clear and diverse with the some of the cars having different engine sounds. The different boosts in the game having unique sounds and some of the maps such as aqua drome being under water you can hear the sea creatures swimming past and neo Tokyo has the announcer


The game’s physics-based gameplay makes you want to learn the more advanced techniques in the game, which in turn keeps you playing the game. Also, the competitive aspect drives you to improve. I would recommend to anybody that plays video games because it offers such a fun experience.

by Brayden M


Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review

7ce33fafb0a29d3e4922607963486bc428a636e8Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is an awesome game in the hack and slash genre. Although it is set in the same universe as Kojima Productions’ earlier Metal Gear Solid (MGS) games, it was created by a different game studio, Platinum Games.

Unlike previous MGS games, it is not a stealth game, but it keeps the action genre and adds hack and slash gameplay. It’s a third person game, about a guy that is a ninja cyborg who is trying to stop a war.

It’s a console game on Xbox 360, PS 3, and Windows PC. It was released in February 19 2013 and MA15.

Fun factor

I love the action, it is really good. I say it is one of the top 10 games compared to similar games. The gameplay is fun. It is fast paced, especially the boss fights – because of the action and the difficulty. Really awesome music.

Control and gameplay

The controls are easy to learn. There are only a few buttons you need to know.

The first few missions – called VR missions – teach you how to move, attack, and run.


It is a war setting. The locations, characters, weapons, and enemies all look pretty realistic.


The best music in the game is the music during the boss fights. Each boss fight has different music that represents them.


It’s really good when you first play it, but then it loses its fun when you play it the second time.

The playing time is around 7 hours.


Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a must buy game that is fun for those into hack and slash.

By Jordan H

Hacknet Game Review

headerHacknet is an immersive, single-player, terminal-based hacking simulator created by a one man team, Team Fractal Alligator.

Matt Trobbiani, an Australian game designer came up with the idea of Hacknet in 2012 in a 48-hour game jam tournament with the theme of “GUI and interface”. After he created the basic version and released it, he continued to work on it throughout the next 3 years as a hobby project, which he released in August 2015. The game gained popularity very quickly.

The game won the Innovation award for the 2014 Australian Game Developer Awards, the Indie-Serious Game SimTecT Asia 2015 award, The Best Narrative Award from BIG Brazil 2016 and was a finalist in the Best Tech section of Freeplay 2015.

Hacknet follows you as the protagonist who receives a message by an unknown man known as ‘Bit’ when his 14 day failsafe has activated. He tells you that he was working for a company called ‘EnTech’ who was developing a security system and believes they may have had him killed. He asks you to find out the truth of what happened and to stop EnTech and their plans. Thus begins the tutorial and the story and you can start hacking! The game is quite a realistic simulator with how you hack. The servers require you to hack their ports with hacks including SSH cracks, FTP Bounces and HMTL Webservers and finally, Porthack, which is basically the in-games equivalent to brute forcing and cracking the password.

The game makes your hacking feel powerful, and gives you a rush when busting down the enemies server, finding the files you need or the information you need to send off to someone else, then deleting your logs and leaving everything the way you left it. Or if you feel like hitting someone where it hurts, delete their boot files and then Forkbomb their system, shutting it down and forcing a reboot. But the game really shines when the enemy server has better security systems and starts tracing back the IP of the person who’s messing with them and then the race is on! Get in and grab the files, or get traced and panic as you desperately try to reset your IP so they don’t find you.

Hacknet has a method to the crazy hacking madness, pitting you in the centre of the story as you join hacker groups and do contracts for them, granting you with more hacking equipment into your arsenal and possibly uncovering some of the truth, even if you didn’t know it.


The interface is easy to understand and can accommodate both types of players, people who like to type lots and people who don’t, with both a terminal and an interface system, helping you navigate. Obviously the interface is easier to use, and you can use it quite easily with only slight use of the command line, but the game feels really cool when you do almost the entire game on the terminal and use the interface as only a guide to where you are, using commands like ‘cd’ to change the directory, ‘ls’ to showing what’s in the files, and the good old ‘rm’ tool to remove files.  Also don’t forget to press ‘tab’ to auto-complete what you’re typing; that one is handy!




As I have previously explained, the UI is very basic. It only has a terminal, a map and an interface. The game has slight customisation when it comes to your OS, during your time on Hacknet, you can pick up different ‘x-system.sys’ files, which have different interface skins, and place the terminal, the map and the interface screen in different areas, making play slightly different. Although these graphics are simple, and not out there to be extremely detailed, they’re clean cut and are easy to process.

The sound has a decent lengthy soundtrack that just plays in the background, and sounds quite ‘hack-like’. Sound volume can be turned up or down respectively in the options menu. If the sound isn’t to your liking, turn it down and play your most ‘Hacky’ song you know and play. You won’t regret it.

Although the game has a great storyline and cool hacking mechanics, playing through it a second time can be a little less fun. The passwords aren’t randomised, so you could essentially complete a mission in 3 seconds as you reply to the email with the password you found out last game, provided you remember it. And the game can feel slightly duller on the second time around. What would have been better for the game is if the missions were more randomised and the game wasn’t as linear.

Ultimately, besides the very linear story line and the lack of proper replayability features, the game is a great game to play, the hacking ‘noobs’ and even the seasoned data penetration tester can enjoy this game and the realism it presents, it gives you help but offers very little hand holding, which enables you to figure it out yourself, or search up the answers online if you’re lazy, like me.

You can grab Hacknet on Steam and Humble Bundle for $9.99 USD, it would be a good time to get it now, as the DLC Hacknet Labyrinths is coming out in December and promises more story line to play.



By Michael Wilson

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advance Warfare is a first person shooter, set in the future.

Released in 2015, it’s the most recent in the Call of Duty series. It’s a console game available on Xbox One, Xbox 360,PS3, and PS4.

Image result for cod advanced warfare

What I like about this game

I like this game because it is more realistic than other games in this genre, such as the first Call of Duty games.

The story wasn’t confusing, but a bit weird. The more you play it, the more it makes sense.

Fun factor / game play / replayability

Something I like about this game is that it has lots of different modes. The game has more than one mode. For example, you can play online or offline. Online you can play with friends. In offline mode, you can play with bots instead of real people.

You can play individually or in a team, depending on what game setting you choose.

I like games where you get to shoot things, and that’s what this game is based on. If you don’t like violent games, this isn’t for you.


The graphics are good. They’re clear.


Good sound effects. They sound real.

By Nathan Hall





Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Image result for dragon ball xenoverse

Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a role-playing and fighting game, is related to the Dragon Ball series because it take characters from the original show and puts them into the games of dragon ball and take the history from Dragon Ball Z and it changes the history of Dragon Ball Z. it also makes some new events that happen in the history of Dragon Ball Xenoverse or it just takes the story and you play in the story for some of the other games.-


The graphics in Xenoverse are different to other games. I like them because of this and because they are original.


The gameplay of Dragon Ball Xenoverse is an open area fighting that can also lead into other open areas. You can use a bunch of moves that have to be equipped from the main area of Tokki Tokki City, which is the area that you go around to get into the story missions or side missions. You also get abilities from the side missions. While fighting NPCs that you have to bet on the screen you will have your heath bar at the top left of the screen on under the heath bar you would have to things that are call stamina and ki. Stamina is used for flying faster then of just hovering in the air and stamina is also used as your guard and ki is used to activate your special ability’s and ultimate ability’s. The stamina and ki bars have multiple bars which tell you how much you have one bar of ki can activate your special ability’s and you need three to activate your ultimates. When you Level up in Dragon Ball Xenoverse you can choice six things to put your points into.


The sounds in Xenoverse are from the show, including the voice actors from the show.


The replay for the game could keep a person coming back because of how you can change what style of a character you would chose by ether choosing fighting close or ki blast type of character and the fights in the game can not be the same as to last time you played it.


The controls for Xbox are: A to jump, B to use ki blast, X to attack with normal attacks, Y to use attacks that can be charged and destroy a person’s guard. You can use LT to fly across the area and you can use RT to bring out special ability’s list and combine it by hitting either X, Y, A or B and you can hold down RT with LT to open your ultimate abilities.


That for my opinion for Dragon Ball Xenoverse would be that it is a fun game and the battles in the game are interesting and the gameplay is what helps making the game more interesting to bring me back.