Rocket League Game Review

rocket-league2Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game made by Psyonix and released for Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox. The game’s concept is soccer with rocket powered vehicles.

Fun factor

The game features various multiplayer modes catering for almost everybody including duel, doubles, standard, chaos. There are also competitive versions of these modes with ranks to define your skill. Rocket League also has less serious modes such as hoops, snow day and rumble. Hoops is basketball based, snow day is hockey, and rumble is a battle mode with power ups. These modes add more variety to the game.

Controls and gameplay

Incredibly fun sports action. Very accessible, easy-to-learn controls. Physics-based gameplay creates high skill ceiling. The controls are also customizable to what works for you. The only real downside to the gameplay is the game’s ball cam, making the camera follow the ball, which causes confusion to new players. Also, the in-game chat is really bad and almost inaudible.


The graphics of the game are nice and colourful.


The sounds of the game are clear and diverse with the some of the cars having different engine sounds. The different boosts in the game having unique sounds and some of the maps such as aqua drome being under water you can hear the sea creatures swimming past and neo Tokyo has the announcer


The game’s physics-based gameplay makes you want to learn the more advanced techniques in the game, which in turn keeps you playing the game. Also, the competitive aspect drives you to improve. I would recommend to anybody that plays video games because it offers such a fun experience.

by Brayden M


Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review

7ce33fafb0a29d3e4922607963486bc428a636e8Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is an awesome game in the hack and slash genre. Although it is set in the same universe as Kojima Productions’ earlier Metal Gear Solid (MGS) games, it was created by a different game studio, Platinum Games.

Unlike previous MGS games, it is not a stealth game, but it keeps the action genre and adds hack and slash gameplay. It’s a third person game, about a guy that is a ninja cyborg who is trying to stop a war.

It’s a console game on Xbox 360, PS 3, and Windows PC. It was released in February 19 2013 and MA15.

Fun factor

I love the action, it is really good. I say it is one of the top 10 games compared to similar games. The gameplay is fun. It is fast paced, especially the boss fights – because of the action and the difficulty. Really awesome music.

Control and gameplay

The controls are easy to learn. There are only a few buttons you need to know.

The first few missions – called VR missions – teach you how to move, attack, and run.


It is a war setting. The locations, characters, weapons, and enemies all look pretty realistic.


The best music in the game is the music during the boss fights. Each boss fight has different music that represents them.


It’s really good when you first play it, but then it loses its fun when you play it the second time.

The playing time is around 7 hours.


Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a must buy game that is fun for those into hack and slash.

By Jordan H

Hacknet Game Review

headerHacknet is an immersive, single-player, terminal-based hacking simulator created by a one man team, Team Fractal Alligator.

Matt Trobbiani, an Australian game designer came up with the idea of Hacknet in 2012 in a 48-hour game jam tournament with the theme of “GUI and interface”. After he created the basic version and released it, he continued to work on it throughout the next 3 years as a hobby project, which he released in August 2015. The game gained popularity very quickly.

The game won the Innovation award for the 2014 Australian Game Developer Awards, the Indie-Serious Game SimTecT Asia 2015 award, The Best Narrative Award from BIG Brazil 2016 and was a finalist in the Best Tech section of Freeplay 2015.

Hacknet follows you as the protagonist who receives a message by an unknown man known as ‘Bit’ when his 14 day failsafe has activated. He tells you that he was working for a company called ‘EnTech’ who was developing a security system and believes they may have had him killed. He asks you to find out the truth of what happened and to stop EnTech and their plans. Thus begins the tutorial and the story and you can start hacking! The game is quite a realistic simulator with how you hack. The servers require you to hack their ports with hacks including SSH cracks, FTP Bounces and HMTL Webservers and finally, Porthack, which is basically the in-games equivalent to brute forcing and cracking the password.

The game makes your hacking feel powerful, and gives you a rush when busting down the enemies server, finding the files you need or the information you need to send off to someone else, then deleting your logs and leaving everything the way you left it. Or if you feel like hitting someone where it hurts, delete their boot files and then Forkbomb their system, shutting it down and forcing a reboot. But the game really shines when the enemy server has better security systems and starts tracing back the IP of the person who’s messing with them and then the race is on! Get in and grab the files, or get traced and panic as you desperately try to reset your IP so they don’t find you.

Hacknet has a method to the crazy hacking madness, pitting you in the centre of the story as you join hacker groups and do contracts for them, granting you with more hacking equipment into your arsenal and possibly uncovering some of the truth, even if you didn’t know it.


The interface is easy to understand and can accommodate both types of players, people who like to type lots and people who don’t, with both a terminal and an interface system, helping you navigate. Obviously the interface is easier to use, and you can use it quite easily with only slight use of the command line, but the game feels really cool when you do almost the entire game on the terminal and use the interface as only a guide to where you are, using commands like ‘cd’ to change the directory, ‘ls’ to showing what’s in the files, and the good old ‘rm’ tool to remove files.  Also don’t forget to press ‘tab’ to auto-complete what you’re typing; that one is handy!




As I have previously explained, the UI is very basic. It only has a terminal, a map and an interface. The game has slight customisation when it comes to your OS, during your time on Hacknet, you can pick up different ‘x-system.sys’ files, which have different interface skins, and place the terminal, the map and the interface screen in different areas, making play slightly different. Although these graphics are simple, and not out there to be extremely detailed, they’re clean cut and are easy to process.

The sound has a decent lengthy soundtrack that just plays in the background, and sounds quite ‘hack-like’. Sound volume can be turned up or down respectively in the options menu. If the sound isn’t to your liking, turn it down and play your most ‘Hacky’ song you know and play. You won’t regret it.

Although the game has a great storyline and cool hacking mechanics, playing through it a second time can be a little less fun. The passwords aren’t randomised, so you could essentially complete a mission in 3 seconds as you reply to the email with the password you found out last game, provided you remember it. And the game can feel slightly duller on the second time around. What would have been better for the game is if the missions were more randomised and the game wasn’t as linear.

Ultimately, besides the very linear story line and the lack of proper replayability features, the game is a great game to play, the hacking ‘noobs’ and even the seasoned data penetration tester can enjoy this game and the realism it presents, it gives you help but offers very little hand holding, which enables you to figure it out yourself, or search up the answers online if you’re lazy, like me.

You can grab Hacknet on Steam and Humble Bundle for $9.99 USD, it would be a good time to get it now, as the DLC Hacknet Labyrinths is coming out in December and promises more story line to play.



By Michael Wilson

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advance Warfare is a first person shooter, set in the future.

Released in 2015, it’s the most recent in the Call of Duty series. It’s a console game available on Xbox One, Xbox 360,PS3, and PS4.

Image result for cod advanced warfare

What I like about this game

I like this game because it is more realistic than other games in this genre, such as the first Call of Duty games.

The story wasn’t confusing, but a bit weird. The more you play it, the more it makes sense.

Fun factor / game play / replayability

Something I like about this game is that it has lots of different modes. The game has more than one mode. For example, you can play online or offline. Online you can play with friends. In offline mode, you can play with bots instead of real people.

You can play individually or in a team, depending on what game setting you choose.

I like games where you get to shoot things, and that’s what this game is based on. If you don’t like violent games, this isn’t for you.


The graphics are good. They’re clear.


Good sound effects. They sound real.

By Nathan Hall





Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Image result for dragon ball xenoverse

Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a role-playing and fighting game, is related to the Dragon Ball series because it take characters from the original show and puts them into the games of dragon ball and take the history from Dragon Ball Z and it changes the history of Dragon Ball Z. it also makes some new events that happen in the history of Dragon Ball Xenoverse or it just takes the story and you play in the story for some of the other games.-


The graphics in Xenoverse are different to other games. I like them because of this and because they are original.


The gameplay of Dragon Ball Xenoverse is an open area fighting that can also lead into other open areas. You can use a bunch of moves that have to be equipped from the main area of Tokki Tokki City, which is the area that you go around to get into the story missions or side missions. You also get abilities from the side missions. While fighting NPCs that you have to bet on the screen you will have your heath bar at the top left of the screen on under the heath bar you would have to things that are call stamina and ki. Stamina is used for flying faster then of just hovering in the air and stamina is also used as your guard and ki is used to activate your special ability’s and ultimate ability’s. The stamina and ki bars have multiple bars which tell you how much you have one bar of ki can activate your special ability’s and you need three to activate your ultimates. When you Level up in Dragon Ball Xenoverse you can choice six things to put your points into.


The sounds in Xenoverse are from the show, including the voice actors from the show.


The replay for the game could keep a person coming back because of how you can change what style of a character you would chose by ether choosing fighting close or ki blast type of character and the fights in the game can not be the same as to last time you played it.


The controls for Xbox are: A to jump, B to use ki blast, X to attack with normal attacks, Y to use attacks that can be charged and destroy a person’s guard. You can use LT to fly across the area and you can use RT to bring out special ability’s list and combine it by hitting either X, Y, A or B and you can hold down RT with LT to open your ultimate abilities.


That for my opinion for Dragon Ball Xenoverse would be that it is a fun game and the battles in the game are interesting and the gameplay is what helps making the game more interesting to bring me back.

Assassin’s Creed Game Review

ac123456789Assassin’s Creed is an action-adventure video game series by Ubisoft that consists of nine main games and a number of supporting materials, such as action figures, comic books, paintings, clothes, collectables, events and so much more.

The games have appeared on the Play-Station 3, Play-Station 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Nintendo DS, Play-Station portable, Play-Station Vita, iOS, HP webOS, Android, Nokia, Symbian Windows Phone platforms, and Wii u.


The games are set in a fictional history of real-world events and follows the centuries-old struggle between the Assassins, who fight for peace with free will, and the Templars, who desire peace through control. The main games in the franchise were developed by Ubisoft Montreal for the single player and Ubisoft Annecy for the multiplayer, with the handheld titles developed by Gameloft and Gryptonite Studios, with additional development by Ubisoft Montreal

Graphics and Gameplay.

“The graphics of the Assassin’s Creed games simply illustrates the evolution from the very first Assassin’s creed game, which was released in the year 2007.” (Words taken from the description of the video.)

As the years have passed with each Assassin’s Creed game being released every year or so, the graphics and gameplay have become increasingly better and improved significantly to what the creators of the game believe what you would enjoy and find entertaining. In some perspectives, it would have the same graphics as perhaps some platform or action games which may resolve around the same story base as Assassin’s creed. Although with the gameplay, there are a few things that you, as the player, would find quite irritating and would get you think “whaaaat”, or annoy you in general. Aside from the minor bugs, or out of the map glitches that can occur out of the absolute blue, the gameplay is simple, easy and fun, and the game is based in third person, so you’ll see what your character looks like and see how they flow with their movement in combat, running around the map, free climbing, doing assassinations, anything at all, you’ll be able to see and control to do.

ac1             acsyndicate

The image on the left is the first Assassin’s Creed game, where as the one on the right is the most recent Assassin’s Creed game.


Since each Assassin’s creed game is based in the past – including the 18th or 17th centuries, and even before those times (earliest was the 11th-12th) – they give us music that relates to what would’ve been played back in those times and in what situations you, as the character are in. When you are free roaming, the music connects us with the game, and how it would’ve been back in old times. When you are involved in combat, music will tend to play. Adding to that, you can hear the noise of your sword when you sheath, or when you want to show off your daggers, crossbow, whatever weapon you wish to use, they all have a unique sound, so you know what it is.

Brodie Clifford. 🙂

Payday 2 review


The Payday series (Payday & Payday 2) are my favourite games of all time! These two award winning RPG/stealth/first-person shooter action games were developed by the one and only Overkill Software. My favourite, Payday 2, won 10 awards from companies such as Polygon, IGN, Gameinformer and more at E3  for 2013. It was released on the 13th of August 2013.

The awards they received.


Fun factor

Payday 2 has a big fun factor… well for me. Everyone I’ve bought the game for on Steam (around 8 people) has fallen in love with it the same as I have. There isn’t much of a story through the series (Payday The heist & Payday 2) the story isn’t important on the game either, similar to games such as Mortal Kombat but the gameplay is just so good that the story doesn’t matter. The game mostly revolves around the mechanic of team work which is done extremely well in this game. Unless you’re a super high level you won’t get very far on your own.

An imagine of the players holding the police back in a bank vault.

Control and gameplay

The controls are pretty basic, and like every other first-person shooter. You know… click to shoot and WASD to move sort of game. The gameplay, on the other hand, is amazing. It’s up to 4 player co-op. There is a single player mode, but that’s no fun compared to playing multiplayer with a group of friends.

Payday 2 is about bank heists… really detailed ones. Every mission starts in casing mode. You have to try not to act too suspicious. If you walk into restricted areas or if you walk too close and they can see you guns under your freshly ironed suits, the enemies will shoot. As soon as you’re ready to start the mission you can hold F to put on your own character designed mask (you can customize it soooo much!).

While your mask is on, you’re in stealth mode. You have your primary weapon out and ready to shoot. Your weapons and masks are highly customizable. You can complete missions on stealth mode and, if you’re a stealthy enough, you will get more mission rewards. If an enemy or security camera spots you then you enter action mode in which case your only plan is basically gun blazing for minutes on end with all your team mates to depend on.

Every 5-10 minutes an assault starts and Special Forces come into the map to hunt you down. There are several different types of Special Forces during assaults which the most hated is the bulldozer (an annoying guy in lots of armor with a super strong weapon that walks super slow).

Screenshot of a player in stealth mode.


The graphics aren’t the best but they’re definitely not the worst. The games artist/s did a pretty good in my opinion for 2013. The game’s strength is its gameplay but the graphics are not terrible.


Both the games in the series (Payday The heist & Payday 2) has its own soundtrack which is certainly perfect for the missions themes within the game. The soundtrack was designed by the audio designer along with the games . The soundtrack has genre aspects ranging from drum & bass to rock & roll. Often times I would listen to the soundtrack just to get my adrenaline pumping.


This game has a lot of replayability. It is my most played game on Steam, and probably most of my friends Steam accounts too.

Wolf on the far left crouching down, Chains standing between Wolf and Dallas which is sitting down next to Hoxton on the right.

By Andrew Dahl

Far Cry 4

At the start of this game you are in a bus driving to your Dad, Pagan Min. You are with this guy who claims he is your uncle. Next something bad happens with the bus. Mercenaries shoot the windows out. You try to hide, but it doesn’t work. They open the end of the bus and tell you to get out, which you do. After about 5 minutes, Pagan Min turns up in a helicopter and talks to you while the mercenaries take a very good friend of yours with them.

The facts

Far Cry 4 is a first person console game, with elements of skill, stealth, strategy, and action.

Fun factor

The fun in this game is you can shoot people, ride animals, steal cars, and fight other enemies.

Control and gameplay

The controls aren’t easy at first, but you get the hang of it after a while.


The graphics are good in this game, especially with driving cars.


The sound is very good especially when hunting for animals, when killing enemies, and when animals are coming towards you.


This is a game for older teenagers and adults, and definitely not for young children. For example, the game contains a lot of blood and gore, and animal cruelty. A real lot.

Review by Ben and Jayden M-S.


Grid AutoSport Review

Grid AutoSport was released in 2015, and is the latest of the Grid series of games. It consists of a gameplay that has different classes of racing and career.

Your objective is to start your career and pick one of the classes to race in and over time complete them and receive better contracts from sponsors as you get good experience points. Grid AutoSport also offers some of the world’s best tracks including Mount Panorama sport also offers some of the worlds best tracks including mount panorama (Bathurst) which appeals to the Australian fans as well as the Australian cars such as Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore which are ending the Falcon and Commodore series of car at the end of 2016.

Image result for grid autosport bathurst v8 supercars

As someone who has played this game I originally bought it because it hade the V8 Supercars and the Bathurst track and it reminded me of when I was younger and use to play v8 supercars Australia on my PlayStation 2. After buying the game I first played it on multiplayer with a friend and found everything on it was so realistic but I didn’t think the graphics were that great. I later played it in single player and found the graphics were really amazing it was just in multiplayer that they were not well executed.

The game was interesting as it had many cars to offer and I started my career in touring car class and found it fun and the better you do the more contracts you get offered by better sponsors which made it interesting and made you want to achieve that goal but that is the only reward on offer as you don’t unlock any cars or tracks and can not modify your cars looks in any way other than the livery’s already on offer. In the game you can’t go into the pits for fixing your car but it offers a rewind of a small amount of time to go back before damage may occur to the cars.

I have been playing the game for a while now but have not bothered much with career because there is nothing to achieve. It is, however, great to have custom races and set personal goals for yourself and adjust your car’s tuning for better speed, grip and acceleration. I would recommend the game as it is realistic and offers great driving experience as well as awesome graphics. As a game for people looking for a career objective of unlocking better cars I would not because career mode is pointless for that but you do enjoy the racing but it will become boring as there is nothing to keep you wanting to do the career mode.

This game’s online mode is amazing. If you buy the Black Edition of this game, you punch in your code to unlock extra cars and play against real people online. It makes it really addictive and fun I found the competition made you want to keep on playing and playing.

Hope you enjoy the game 🙂

Image result for grid autosport bathurst first person view

Grand Theft Auto V: A review

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the latest in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) family of games. Make your way through Los Santos playing as Michael, Trevor, and Franklin as you make your way through missions from out of the ordinary, dealing with drug scandals, murder, hookers and heists. GTA 5 is a free roaming game that consists of real world choices, and do unrealistic things that we know in our conscience we would love to do, although we would get arrested, or fined.

Throughout the entire GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Series, they have always kept the same controls. These are the controls for the Xbox 360:


As for the graphics, the GTA Series has had a dramatic change since when they started. The more advanced it becomes the more the gaming revolution grows to become almost as your in a real life virtuality. They have used real life artefacts and buildings and convert it to the closet thing to the most looking reality. GTA’s main company (Rockstar) intend on creating more the GTA games, and as a personal fan, I can’t wait for the graphic development.

These are two different games from the GTA 5 series the one on the top GTA (Vice City) and the bottom GTA V.


Game sounds within GTA 5 is an interesting topic. The game consists of real life songs only when you’re in a car as  the radio. You have your classic Hip-Hop culture – including Snoop Dog a d Dr Dre – and then have your R&B (Rhythm and Blues) such as Rhianna, Kesha, and Lady Gaga. Within the game, there is no catchy tone like other movies and games, for example as catchy tunes such as Harry Potter theme song, Star Wars theme songs.

No, this game isn’t mostly consisted on the sound, sure the sound will get intense as you do serious missions, but no tone to stick to, but there is a plausible explanation to that situation. Although GTA has its series of games, they are more based towards the storyline and Multiplayer game play online.