Death on the Dancefloor!

death-on-the-dancefloorDeath on the Dancefloor is my DIY game. The basic premise of the game is to jump and avoid the blades. The game isn’t entirely finished and there are two levels currently implemented including proper jumping and collision with slight animations. There is a range of music implemented that go well with the game.

NOTE: The game exceeds the maximum file size able to be uploaded to the blog, so you can download the game here.

*Disclaimer* All songs included in this game are not owned or created by me, they all belong to their respective owners, I’m only using them for educational creation purposes.

Song links

  • Metal Crusher – Toby Fox:
  • Death by Glamour – Toby Fox remixed by RichaadEb:
  • Through the Fire and Flames – DragonForce:
  • Sandstorm – Darude:


Cops n Robbers REMASTERED!

Cops n Robbers Remastered is (well obviously) a remastered version of our original game, Cops n Robbers.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to completely remaster it the way we wanted, due to members being sick and away for other reasons.

In the Remastered version (well what we manage to fit in) were a few, unique ideas that we thought players (like you) would find quite interesting and something that should’ve already been apart of the original game.

One major thing we wanted to add into the game was a background. We wanted to add a prison background into the first level, so during the chase, it would feel like the robber would be trying to escape prison and escaping the police and getting freedom. With the other two levels, we wanted players to feel like the chase is lasting from day to night, so we added a day and night time background, to give the players a feel of what a chase would be like.

The images below show all three levels, we wanted to have four and make that the final level, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time and we rarely had a full team.


Something that we managed to get in was sound. Unfortunately it was only for the cop. What we mean by that is the sirens so the robber knows that the police is chasing them, as we want to make it feel like a real life, intense police chase. We also wanted to add background music, so it could give you a real life experience.

Another thing we wanted to add but unfortunately couldn’t, was the images of the sprites. The alternative meaning for it, is that we wanted the cop sprite to look like a police car, and the robber as a completely different car, but due to the image sizes, and the fact that this is a platform game, it would look quite strange, seeing cars jumping from platform to platform continuously.

There was plenty more we wanted to add but couldn’t.

Brodie, Dylan and Kyle. 😉


Punch Up

screenshot-punch-upOur game is a 2-player game about fighting. Defeat the opponent by punching them.

In this game you either play a character, created by Jayden, that was based on the character Goku from Dragonball Z, or a stick figure.

Only punching works at the moment, but we’d like to add kicking.


Player 1: WASD to move, T to punch

Player 2: Arrow keys, M to punch

Extra features

Some of the extra features that we were hoping to add if we had more time include:

  • Kicking
  • 1-player arcade story mode
  • More characters to choose from and play against
  • More maps


Through this project, we learned how to use other apps to help create some items for Game maker, for example Paint.NET. We were most proud of the coding and the character design.

We didn’t have any big challenges, but some things we could’ve done better were to learn some more about Paint.NET, and character movement.

Download: link:punch-up-complete-one

By Jordan, Jayden, Andrew

Ninja Storm (Shinobi Arashi)

Ever wanted to curve a shuriken with epic music? Well, now you can!

In Shinobi Arashi (Ninja Storm) you, the ninja, need to get from one end of the map to the other by going from room to room and killing everything that gets in your way with your pmainmenuhysics defying shuriken. You have to get through hordes of other ninja and even samurai. Do you have what it takes to retake Himeji Castle from the invaders?

The controls are the usual WASD for the movement and Space Bar for the jumping.

The music came from Adrien von Ziegler on YouTube under his licence which gives students entirely free use of all his compositions.

All in game sprites (outside of particular backgrounds) were made by Michael and Joshua.



JOSHUA: Graphics, mainly. Not only getting sprites, but animating them, too. Obviously, we don’t have any animated sprites outside of the shuriken, and that’s for good reason. And the splash screen… Ugh, the splash screen…

MICHAEL: definitely getting the firing mechanics working, not only with the player but with the enemies too!! a lot of bugs and problems showed up, although one of them we ended up keeping as it worked well (strangely), it was tough to configure.

DYLAN: Mechanics mostly, getting things to work in conjunction with each other. My main challenge was creating a cohesive and linear path for the player to follow that wasn’t hard to navigate through using the controls available.


JOSHUA: We didn’t solve the animation.

MICHAEL: After long periods of trial and error and bug testing. Eventually the mechanics started working on par to what we wanted, so we kept it there, and didn’t fiddle with anymore.

DYLAN: Readjustment of the 10th degree, really, tweaking massive amounts and changing entire map parts

JOSHUA: I actually learnt a bit of coding and brining a game together. Also learned how to make a splash screen, and that making an actual game would be an absolute Hell.

MICHAEL: I learnt how tough it is to achieve even a slightly small game, and how teamwork is necessary to completing a project with limited time, I also learnt different mechanics of Game Maker that I didn’t originally know, and am able to use them in the future!!

DYLAN: How many parts and hours go into even a small game, and what each of thoserope-ladder-thingy parts do with each other.



JOSHUA: Outside of the fact we actually have a working game; I guess the way the team worked together. In terms of the actual game, probably the shuriken bug. DEFY PHYSICS!

MICHAEL: I’m proud of the fact we have a working game (as what Josh said), I’m also proud of the length of it, for such a small period of time, we were able to get a decent sized game that worked well, I’m also proud of my mechanics that I worked on!!

DYLAN: The entire damn game, I love it, its so much fun to play, I got to test and find bugs, and influence what went on in development next to a degree.

Download Ninja Storm here: ninja-storm

Download the Ninja Storm source code:

Team: Michael; Dylan; Joshua


Warp Pong

warp-pongWarp Pong is our very own version of the 1972 game that involved a ball floating from one side of the screen to the other by being stopped with a paddle. The game of pong was a great success and was incorporated with the great arcade game mashup the ATARI game console for home use, but at first it all started as a game for kids to play at their local arcade and the mastermind behind the game was that of a young engineer by the name of Nolan Bushnell an American from Utah who was born in 1943, Bushnell’s invention of the Atari was a way of getting his game pong and many others out to the world wit great success.

Warp pong is based off the original version but with a few different tweaks and the biggest being portals that the ball can float into on the screen and appear out the end of any other of the portals that are on the screen. The result of having random portals is that the game then becomes very unpredictable and a lot more fun than the original version and a harder gameplay which keeps it interesting.

Brayden during the game making process was in control of the game itself and Nathan was the tester, which left myself (Floyd) as the team leader and I was in control of making sure that the game was completed on time and that all work was handed in as well a completing this blog post.

To all that play hope you enjoy the game!!!!!!!!!

Download warp-pong

By Floyd, Brayden, and Nathan