Fall8 is a top down, RPG, adventure game based on the Fallout and legend of Zelda game franchises. You play the character of a man named LIMP. After waking from your long slumber to a broken world, you must save the land of Waste County from the evil and destructive clutches of darkness.

Get ready for the adventure of a life time. You will fight raiders with your extreme firepower, help townsfolk to acquire stronger weapons, and maybe even one day acquire the legendary chicken launcher. You can even help one of the four bar leaders to have a chance of fighting the powerful and destructive CANON.

The hardest part about making this game was implementing the text features to their fullest potential. That is, the text that the quest-givers produce and how the text changes when various activities have been performed. This proved to be quite difficult as there were several problems that arose when these quests were implemented. The text needed to be aligned to every object that needed text and the text also needed to know when it should and should not appear. Especially the “Press Space” text that appears on most interactive objects in the game.


Created by Jayden, Tim, and Jonathan.

Solid Snake

This game is a hybrid of Metal Gear Solid and the classic Arcade game Snake. It blends the gameplay of Snake while embracing the character design and overall personality of Metal Gear Solid.

In the game, you need to collect rations while avoiding the guard’s line of sight. The longer you survive, more enemies spawn in making it a bit more interesting. Try and find the secret easter egg!

Hint: Famous code.


by Jack and Adem.


Within Forest

Our game is a virtual reality horror experience, in which you have to find a key, and escape, without getting killed by the monster.

To play this game, you require a powerful computer (e.g. GTX 1070, i5, 8GB RAM) and a virtual reality headset.

We really needed to shoot a lot lower than we did, the original concepts were much too grand for a six week project, especially when we didn’t have the best communication and was only a 4 student project. We all seemed to want different things by the end.

The original idea of the game was a 1800’s styled VR horror experience, based on witch folklore, with a big mansion in the centre surrounded by forest. The goal would have been to find a car key and escape via the car. We ended up with something very simple however, with a few unfinished assets.

By James A, James, B, Connor M, and Daniel W.

Mega Drake

MegaDrake is a shooter/platformer that is a mix between 1987’s Mega Man and 2007’s Uncharted that is a nostalgic journey for all players of any age.

Your aim is to manoeuvre through a series of rooms, jumping to overcome obstacles and landmines as well as defeating bad guys!

As a reflection on what we did, we believe that with a bit more time we could of made a nice and very polished game but as a team we still have made a nice game.


By Rodney, Jarred, and Reuben


Pac-Trouble is a top-down shooter game, it combines Pacman and Tank Trouble. In the game, you navigate around as a tank armed with red pellets to shoot at “Pacman” the enemy of the game.

Your main objective as a player is to kill as many Pacman as possible. Your objective is to survive as long as possible.

Tip: It’s absolutely critical to kill the enemies in the early stages as more of them will increasingly spawn making it difficult to survive.


  • WTo move forward
  • ADTo rotate right and left
  • SPACETo shoot



By Brian, Darrian, and Josh

Pixel Nazi Zombies

Pixel Nazi Zombies is an endless zombie survival game, where the objective is to survive as long as possible. The zombies will crawl over most walls, and you must earn points by killing them to buy new weapons.

Based on the Nazi Zombies game mode from Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops series. The level is based on the map Verrückt.

The biggest challenge in creating the game and arguably the best feature is the ability to purchase a variety of weapons and use them to kill zombies. Each weapon has its own ammo counter with different magazine and reserve ammo sizes, and the player can swap between any weapon if they have the points to buy it, as well as purchase ammo afterwards. The zombies will follow the player, going through the lighter walls (ruined walls), and will spawn more often as time progresses, based on the player reaching certain point milestones. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, proper zombie path-finding was unable to be put in, nor was the round-based horde mechanic from the original game.


By Dylan Hardy and Connor Stevens

Skyrim Beat’em Up

The aim of “Skyrim Beat’em Up” is to collect gold while cutting a path through a endless stream of enemies and to get to the end goal in the form of a treasure chest.

The original concept was based on the game Skyrim where the player take the role of an adventurer wandering the lands and delving through dungeons. We took the act of moving through a dungeon and turned it into an 2D Side Scrolling Beat’em Up game.

Download Files:


The biggest challenge that we encountered was the UI and heath bars for the enemies. Due to the nature of having a view port the health bars had to remain on screen and when the enemies left it the health bars separated from them and followed the view ports. To fix this we had to use a different draw operation and change the health bars from UI objects to ordinary draw objects.

The main features that we learned to use during this project was the use of score points and health variables. not only did we give the player health, but we gave it to every enemy as well. We also added a scoring system that raised with collected items.

The thing we are most proud of is our use of draw boxes to create a hit box for combat. Instead of using collision to deal damage, we use an if statement that says that if an enemy is inside the draw box take damage. From what we know this is the only way to make a hit box.

By Brandon and Luca

Cannon Ball

Cannon Ball is a retro game of wonder and delight for all ages.

The challenge is simple enough: fire the cannon at the target.

Cannon Ball

The deceptively simple graphics and controls hide the true complexity of this game. With randomly generated landscapes and constantly changing gusts of wind, every game is different.

Based on Cannon Ball from “GameMaker Studio – 25 Casual Games” by Ben Tyers.


By Ben