Micah’s Maze

The game that I was requested to make by Micah was a very interesting concept.

He wanted the aim of the game to be all of the controllable characters to overlap with each other in order to advance to the next level.

This concept proved more difficult than it seemed but eventually the game was fully working as intended. There are three levels in the game and hey all consist of the same objects:

  • The character object is the purple one with one eye, the aim is to get them to overlap with each other until only one is left
  • The wall spikes will reset the level if any of the player sprites come into contact with it
  • The Wall objects prevent the player objects from escaping.

I am very happy with the game and I hope Micah is too.

Download: death game good-285r2w1

Ben’s Delicious Snack of a Game

This game is an absolute snack. If I was to comment on my current stomach contents by remarking, “I am rather peckish this evening,” then I am quite certain that my brain would push this title to the forefront of my mind.

In this game, all you must do is glide through a digestive tract towards the body’s most prised possession… THE HEART!

Simple right? Except for the fact that there are devious white blood cells trying to rain on your parade around every corner!

If it is too hard for you, than that is just too bad! Go play Steve’s game or something…

Download: Ben’s Delicious Snack of a Game-1dqf8tw

Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine’ is a basic platformer game with a very basic set-up for all people to be able to play. Using basic arrow key controls to not over-complicate it.

The objective is to collect all keys within rooms to unlock doors in which lead the player to the next level of the game, similar to the popular game ‘Red Ball’.

The game itself is not up to a high standard of play, graphics or enhancements due to time contrasts. Overall is game is a slight let down given the expectations.

Download: RATM Game

Space Invaders 4 Dumbos

This game was created for a ‘client’ who wanted a top-down endless shooter.

The enemies flow down from the top in an infinite loop, getting faster as your score increases. When enemies are shot they re-spawn up the top.

You can be hit by a few enemies before your ship gets critically low on health. Health packs are picked up from shot enemies allowing you to replenish your health.

Space Invaders-1uss8u5


RevolvoMaze is a one-player maze game based on gravity.

The camera rotates whenever you press the left and right key, giving the illusion that the actual maze is rotating. The gravity of the level is based on the camera, so the ball will always be falling downwards. My game has a limited view, so that you have to find your way around the maze and cant go straight to the exit. The end goal of all the levels is to make it to the exit, which moves you to the next level.

My game has 3 different levels, with the last level being more of a puzzle than a maze.

DOWNLOAD: RevolvoMaze-q3x5u6