Final Destruction

A game by J’n’J Games

Final Destruction is a post-apocalyptic, top down, point based shooter.  The aim is clear as many “Zambi’s” as possible in the time limit given.

The idea for the game design came from our love for shooter games. The task was to create a two player game, and this is where we had the idea to create a top down, two player shooter game.

Initially the idea was to create a multi-levelled game with objectives and NPC’s, but this fell through as we ran out of time and resources, so we changed the game brief to fit with a point based game that relies on a timer to end the stage. We also had the idea to add a score board to the end screen, after the timer finishes you are able to view the scores of the previous game.

You play as two random civilians within a zambi infested airport. The objective of the game is to kill as many Zambi’s as you can before back-up arrives and saves the day.

The game code was written by Josh, and the map and character design was done by Jackson. The code is the base of any game therefore it took the majority of the given time. Josh also completed coding out of class so it could be completed on time. The ideas for the characters were mainly from the internet and from the creative mind of Jackson.

Note: The game uses just one monitor, but needs an extra keyboard for play.

By Josh and Jackson


Maze Race

‘Maze Race’ is a basic two player competitive game. The game and controls are kept to a basic and easy to function state, making the game playable for all ages young to old.

The objective of the game is to get to 3 first as the game is a best of 5 series of mazes to compete through. In a bid to keep the matches fast and simple, the decision was taken to not allow punishment for contact of walls or map edges & sides.

The origins of the concept for a maze racing/competitive game first came about due to lack of options already consisting in this genre of games. Given the basic perception and functionality of the game, the intended audience for the game was based around the younger generations notably from the ages of 10-16.

In addition to the simplicity of the controls and graphics, the running requirements to run the game are kept to a mere minimum by only needing to use Windows systems or GameMaker 2 Studio programs to operate the game without problems. No extra hardware or components required.


  • GameMaker Studio 2.0 project files: Maze Race-2m3h6uu
  • Standalone version (Windows): COMING SOON

By Calen & Daniel


Slither-Classic is a game that emulates classic snake game and the main objective that drove its design was the result of combining the two games.

A player is a blue dot in the middle of the screen, to start the game a player must only have to press the control keys

Slither-Classic Controls

  • [W A S D] OR [LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN] Arrows to move
  • [SPACE BAR] to speed up


The player must at all cost try to avoid colliding with other colours that aren’t the same colour as there head.

You can download a copy of it here

Emergency Intelligence

Emergency Intelligence is a two player tactical game. One player will have a map that shows where the enemies and traps are. The other will be put into a map with limited visibility. The player with the instructions has to help guide the other player through the map to the exit while killing enemies and avoiding traps. This game will be a first person shooter. Our map will be quite simplistic, consisting of a house with a few rooms. One player with have full view of everything on the map and the other player will be almost blind, having a very limited view window. 


Image source here.

These are just some images for concepts that we had so we had something to work with.

Core mechanics 

1: Movement (You can move forward, backward, left, right, sprint and jump)

2: Shooting (It’s a FPS and the gun works but you can’t reload there is also no recoil or aim down sites)

3: Enemies (Get destroyed when shot, they also have a gun but it doesn’t work)

4: Multi screen (Is a sort of split screen but you can’t the other screen)

Screen shots

End product

Emergency Intelligence-1uagcr3




Gentleman’s Duel

Our game is a Arena Duel with a black and white film theme. The gameplay has taken parts from many different first person shooters, the map design and TTK (time to kill) from Overwatch and the gun balancing from quake. Also a lot of things are similar to unreal tournament as we used the same engine.

The theme is like an old black and white film, which gives a nice look to the games and we modelled the guns after old guns and modelled the characters wearing old clothes.

Flower Power

Flower Power by far is the most fantastic game you will ever come across. Your eyes will be treated to the most exciting visual experience possible with modern technology, meanwhile your ears will be massaged with tantalising audio-crashes, booms, bangs-giving you the sense that you are truly in an airborne dogfight! This two-player game will have you sucked into the monitor so fiercely that you probably won’t be leaving your basement for a solid month. Flower Power knows no skill-cap, so the best pilot will always reign victorious!

If you are a human being, then Flower Power is the pastime for you!

Download: snack-1elknvc