I See Red


Create a robot that only detects the color red, and nothing else.

You could also get the robot to go forward if detecting another color, but then stop when it detects red. Or get it to play a sound.



The challenge requirements were getting the robot to detect red.

We accomplished that, and every time the robot would detect red it would play the voice line “okey-dokey”

By Jameson, Nick, Isaac, Jack

I bless the rains

The robot was designed to do a thing when it saw red and it did do the thing when it saw red.


The robot encountered an issue where it still did the thing even though it saw both blue and yellow and this bug was sadly not fixed

When it was shown to the class the thing the robot did was show an image and play a song, the song used was Africa by Toto and the picture was of a clip art character.

The main problem encountered was that the program didn’t work in experiment mode but this was fixed with the help of rob and just doing it as a normal program it was fixed

character used


I See Red, Green, Blue

I See red is a challenge to design a robot that does something when it sees red with a further stretch goal to get the robot to see multiple colors and do something different with each color.

The design of the robot went through no modifications.

During the research phase of the design we tested different colored cards and experiment mode to discover the color value of each color than began design the code to detect the different colors and act different for them.

The code changed majorly 3 times (see appendix for the code) before settling on the version 3 of the code that is able to detect red, green blue and no color. Each of the different color would cause it to change its behavior and say the color it was currently on. While on no color the robot would move forward till running into a color than ran that program.



Version 3 of the I see Red code
Robot design for I see Red
Version 2 of the I see Red code

By Mj and Kessler

I see red

In this challenge the task was to create a robot that when it saw a colour (red) it reacted in a specific way.

Our robot was hand held which made it easier to move around and get it to see the colour

We programmed our robot to when it see’s red say the word, “red”, and make the lights on the brick go that same colour, using a variety of programs and switches.

We didn’t manage our time the greatest so we forgot to program it to see other colours or do any extended things

I See “RED”

we made a robot and when it sees red it says “RED”. I did make it so when it sees green, it says “GREEN” but for an unknown reason it didn’t work.

Outcome: It worked.

Future Plans: We were going to make it so it driven in different directions when it sees different colours but we ran out of time. We were also going to make it have flashy colours when it read them.


by Harrison, Tyson and Lucas

I see red

The i see red challenge was to see if you could use the colour sensor to detect a colour and react to it. Be it starting stopping and starting, flashing and announcing the colour or just beeping at red.

the program I used was very simple and I finalized it in its first iteration. Being only three blocks long it announced the colour it detected and changed the status lights to that colour as well as moving forward one rotation. It could detect two colours red and green and react appropriately. There are probably ways to make it detect more colours but I didn’t have then time or the motivation to make it work.

The robot was bare bones and fairly standard.

See Red Challenge


The robot needs to see the colour red and tell the user it sees it.

My Project

My project tells the user what colour the sensor sees, prints the colour on screen and says it out loud.


Left side of code holds variables for text on screen, and right side performs a loop to check what colour it sees.

Evaluation and reflection

It solved the challenge and also told whatever other colours it finds. It works well but can be buggy, it can sometimes say five colours in a span of a second.

If i were to make it again I would put a wait timer at the end of each colour.

Student: Brendan