SWAT Game is a game about killing enemies in a mission, there is an arcade mode in it as well.

Its genre is a 2D top down shooter, you can unlock different guns and collect power-ups hidden in the levels. You control the character using WASD keys and you aim with your mouse.

Features and mechanics which make my game unique are:

  • Mission / boss level
  • Arcade
  • Death animations
  • Boss AI
  • Enemy AI
  • Damage indicators (blood splatter)
  • Different guns to use (pistol, machine gun)
  • Lobby room
  • Hidden items which boost your score
  • Key and door functions

Inspiration from this game comes from a game called stick arena which was a popular flash game around 2008, the game has 108 million plays today. Here is an image of the game:

Stick Arena


Images of my game:

Boss level
Arcade mode


Download the game:

Dungeon Crawler

My game is a classical dungeon crawler in which the two players, the shield and the gunner face off against ever growing hoards of enemies

My game includes:

  • two player game play
  • an intuitive visual instruction plaque
  • a difficulty selector
  • a re spawn menu
  • exponentially scaling difficulty
  • 2 classes of enemy (normal and angered after colliding with the torch)
  • thematic sprites
  • immersive audio design

Player 1’s goal is to kill all the enemies that are charging towards him and player 2’s goal is to shield and protect the player.

Play my game here: lukes games

7 Levels of Hell

My game is a hard platformer which boasts a variety of good and slightly impossible features such as:

  • Simple and fun sprites
  • Many fun challenging and POSSIBLE levels
  • Fascinating and hard puzzles in the levels which change the way you play plat-former games!
  • Pixel perfect jumps, which are hard but will make you better
  • Great music (coming soon)
  • Very difficult

The name of the game reflects its great challenging aspects, although it looks easy in reality it is near impossible. Enjoy 🙂

Download my game here: 7 Levels of Hell – Miley’s Platformer Game





JUMPY Toms game

First level. Looks simple, but very challenging.

For my game design task, I went for the platformer approach. This is when a certain character to partake in challenges and avoid some obstacles to reach the finish block.

I made sprites vibrant and eye-catching which works well for the genre of game, the starting screen describes the tasks needed and what blocks to avoid or jump on.

Three difficult levels were implemented in the final design with 5 being the maximum on the program provided.

These levels require skill and patience in some aspects, teleport blocks are required to finish some levels to add a certain obstacle to the final design.

Some implemented features include:

  • Eye-catching yet simple sprites
  • Fun and sometimes annoying sounds
  • Very difficult


Angry Jump

Angry Jump is my platform game and was created to be both fun and difficult.

The game has simple controls and enjoyable sounds to both escape the approaching wall of spikes and manoeuvre around the merciless terrain in hopes of reaching the finish line alive in one piece. The game can be quite difficult.

Having no checkpoint and a large amount of spikes, making my game for the most hardcore of players.

check it out in the link below


By Isaac Leach


Shooting others 3 chapter 27

Shooting others 3 chapter 27 is a top down shooter I created where you fight through a horde of enemies to achieve the highest score.

It includes many features including: randomly spawning enemies that chase down the player, sounds, lives, score and nice sprites. I decided to improve upon this game as opposed to the others because i felt it had the most potential for improvement. I decided to do a tank game as space is very cliche and tanks are much cooler.

You can download the game here: shootymcbang


InfestedSurvival is a Top Down Shooter were you play as a lone tank in the wasteland of a destroyed earth as alien creatures come to destroy you. The Main aim of the game is to survive as long as possible and rack up the highest amount of points.

Some feature of the game include:

  • The tank’s turret is able to turn independently of the tank’s chassis
  • Sound effects and sound track
  • Game is hard and gets harder.


You can download the game here: InfestedSurvival

By Kessler