Game Design Game

The object of the game is to make Deals by connecting cards. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of Term 3.

To play the Game Design Game (GDG), you will need to…

  1. Collect Cards
  2. Make a Deal
  3. Seal the Deal

1. Collect Cards

To get started in the GDG, you will need to collect a set of cards.

There are four types of cards…

  • Green – Genres
  • Orange – Mechanics and features
  • Blue – Assets (items) and aesthetics
  • Yellow – Collaborators

You are allowed, and indeed encouraged, to trade cards with other players.

Note: Keep your cards with you at all times, and look after them like you would look after cash. If you lose them, don’t expect them to be replaced!

2. Make a Deal

WP_20150805_09_24_21_ProCards connect together by matching the arrows on their edges…

  • This is fine… –> –>
  • This is not…  –> <–

A Deal must contain exactly one green card and at least one other card. Additional cards may be included if the connectors allow it. Cards may be oriented in any direction but may not overlap.

Your first Deal may have at most one card of each colour. Your second game may have at most two cards of each colour, and so on.

You are then required to make a video game that satisfies the requirements outlined on the cards. Once you have sealed the Deal, your score will be the total of the points listed for all the cards used in the Deal.

3. Seal the Deal

To seal the the Deal and score the points, you will need to create a new post on this site including…

  • Description of your game – including justification of the cards used in the Deal
  • Screenshot of your game
  • Photo of the cards used in the Deal
  • Zipped executable version of your game

Once you’ve created your post, you will also need to hand in the cards you have used. These will be exchanged for a new set of cards.


The purpose of this game is to come up with as many ideas as possible for new games.


  • Your game doesn’t need to be perfect, just good enough to meet the requirements of the Deal.
  • We’re aiming for quantity not quality.

If, later, you decide to polish off one of your Game Design Games that’s great, but for now we’re aiming for as many new ideas as possible.


The Game Design Game was inspired by USC’s “Reality Ends Here“.

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