Design a solution

Mild problems

  • Lids for half-finished tins of beans
    HELP! I keep finding half-finished tins of baked beans in my fridge. I would like lids for these tins so that the contents don't dry out. See Rob for more information.
  • Missing game pieces
    I suspect the library and/or learning support has some games with missing pieces. Go have a chat with the library staff to see if there's anything you can do to help.
  • Salt and pepper shaker "bases"
    Problem - Where we sit our salt shaker and pepper grinder on the rangehood in our kitchen is always a mess from stray ground pepper. We would like some kind of "base" for them to sit in.


Spicy problems

  • Computer cable organiser
    The cables that I plug into my laptop are a mess. I'd love something to organise them and keep them in roughly the right position when unlugged.
  • Fidget toys
    The Learning Support Centre have asked us to make some fidget toys for the students they work with. "For many kids with autism, sensory disorders, listening challenges or other special needs, fiddling with a toy can help them keep calm, focused and attentive." (Metroparent) For inspiration, check out these links:…
  • Filament clip
    To ensure that our roles of 3D printer filament don't unwind and get damaged, it would be neat to have a suitable filament clip.
  • Hobart College trinkets
    When we have visitors to Hobart College or when we have students from Hobart College participate in competitions, it would be neat to have some trinkets to give away. Could you design a trinket based on the college logo?


Extra spicy problems

  • A handy problem
    Lenna has some mannequins in the textiles room in need of some new hands. See Lenna in Textiles or Learning Support Centre for more information.
  • LEGO-compatible bubble blower pieces
    I want to make a bubble blower machine out of LEGO, but need a few LEGO-compatible parts: Tray for the bubble mix  (Easy) Bubble mix dipper "wand" (Medium) Fan blades (Medium-Hard)
  • Ultimate Pen Pusher
    Devise worn on the fingers to assist with getting the correct grip on a pen or pencil. See Kaye in the library for more information.