Project report template

Note: This is a template only, feel free to add or modify these headings

The challenge

Include a brief summary of the challenge, in your own words.

If appropriate, expand on this…

  • What is the problem that you need to solve?
  • If you had some choice about your approach (e.g. autonomous or remote-controlled), what did you decide to do and why?


Include any research you have undertaken. URLs, conversations, YouTube videos, etc.

How did research influence your design?


List any alternative ideas you had about how to solve the problem.

Include any sketches.


Include some details about your prototypes, e.g….

  • Version 1
    • Describe the robot (include photos and video)
    • Describe your program (include screenshots)
    • How you tested it and the results
    • Issues identified from testing
    • How you changed the design.
  • Version 2…

Evaluation and reflection

Evaluate the product

  • How well did you meet the challenge requirements?
  • What would you do next if you had more time?

Reflect on the process

  • What did you learn?
  • How could your team perform better next time? E.g. role allocation, time management