Student games 2017

These video games were created by Hobart College students throughout 2017. The games were created in GameMaker Studio 2, Construct 2 or 3, or Unity.

  • CubeWar
    CubeWar is a single player game which spawns a player in the middle of the screen along with a cube, which it has to protect. Enemies will spawn from the edges of the screen which the player must avoid both touch themselves and the cube that they are defending. Downloads: Cube War-2bg1k4v
  • Resident Evil PacMan
    Resident Evil Pac-Man is a top-down maze type game where the objective is to escape from the multiple monsters that will follow the player around. I got inspiration from a recent Resident Evil game I played, and thought making it in a Pac-Man style way would be achievable with my current level of game-making skills.…
  • Boopity Boop
    Boopity-Boop is a 1930 inspired puzzle platformer with a pixely touch. The game features many objects like anvils, spinning girders, keys, spikes, generators, bosses and many more. ORIGINAL CODE: Artnoc-1h7dk0x AFTER EDITING CODE: BoopityBoop-pf5ftj    
  • Survival
    Survival is a game where zombies will come for you on all sides to make you one of them, but with your handy pistol you blast your way through the undead on your quest to kill as many of the dead as you can. how long can you SURVIVE?!?! Download the game here: Survival-Download  …
  • SuperClashBruh Trilogy
    The SuperClashBruh trilogy is a completely unique, never been done before, one of a kind multiplayer game in which both players choose one of the three characters and fight to the death. Each of the three games is not like the last being completely unique with new characters, backgrounds, blocks and names. The trilogy Contains:…
  • ZombieRush
    ZombieRush is a game about surviving in a procedural generated world where zombies spawn in and try to attack you. Killing the zombies will have a chance of giving you a new weapon which you can select from your inventory in the lower right. There is also a boss zombie which is much stronger but…
  • Cube Defender
    Cube Defender is a top down shooter where you protect your square from an endless storm of enemies. Download: Cube Defender-1m3e19v  
  • Top Down Shooter
    Top Down Shooter is an upgraded version of the top down shooter the class needed to create earlier in the year. I have added in a lives system, score, high score, extra levels, refined shooting and power ups! The hardest part about making this game was the high score system. "It's good... I guess" -…
  • Platformer game
    This is a platformer game that I made. Wasn't too hard, mainly just tried out animating some stuff. It's got a pixel art style, and its pretty simplistic. I was focusing on learning how to make a platformer and then trying out animating, and having a simple art style made that easier.
  • Bounce Ball
    Bounce ball is a simple to play game with one objective. The objective is to remove all the bricks by hitting them and also stop the ball from going to the bottom. The game just uses the left and right arrow key to move the platform. When all the bricks are removed the player will…
  • Bird Simulator & Basic Maze Game
    Two simple Game Maker games. Bird Simulator: bird simulator .zip Shoot Boy Maze Game: shoot boy .zip
  • ShooterGame
    ShooterGame is a space-themed 2D top-down shooter set developed by James Burgess. The point of the game is to control your customizable ship to avoid enemy projectiles while shooting them with your own. There is no end goal other than surviving as long of possible. Rather than a set story, this game is endless until…
  • Dungeon Dog
    A game about timing and patience FaZe Game-1v8kpfbDungeon Dog-1y4ejne  
  • Gun game
    My game is a simple top down shooter   Download: gungame-1mmpsuc
  • Space Traders Idle Game
    A simple idle game (similar to Cookie Clicker) based around building a Space Trade Empire. As you gain more and more space credits, work towards building a Gold Terraforming Planet that comes with a surprise. Game .zip download: Space Traders Game files .zip download: idlegame files By Connor Stevens  
  • Dungeon Crawl
    A dragon. Levels. Simple Dungeon Crawl Downloads Executable:Dungeon Crawl Project files: Dungeon Crawl
  • Pong
    Here is my submission for the client game, which was very simply Pong. I think I delivered it alright. I made the music too so that's kinda neat. Download: Pong (Open in Construct 3)
  • Dungeon Crawler
    Here's my game about running about a dungeon as a wizard, killing enemies and getting money through each level until you win, it's pretty simple, but I'm fond of it. I can't post a picture of what cards I had, as my phone apparently didn't save the picture I took of them. My green card…