Sumo 2018

Working in small teams, the challenge was to create a sumo robot using only the parts from a single EV3 set and document the prototyping process.

The robots competed in 1-v-1 matches, with the lighter robot given a minimum 1 second time advantage.

We had previously done a remote controlled sumo challenge, but the robots documented here were required to run autonomously.

The emphasis of this challenge, and particularly the documentation, was on prototyping.

These projects were created by Hobart College students in 2018 studying Robotics and Game Design (Engineering Design 2).

  • Sumo | Colin
    'Colin' is a final prototype sumo robot used in combat. Colin uses a colour sensor to detect the black lining around the edge of the ring to prevent itself from catapulting off the arena. In addition to the colour sensor, the robot also utilises an ultrasonic sensor which allows for minor adjustments within the programming to tweak minor tactics for…
  • Disabled German & Mock I (Lucifer)
    Remote controlled: We initially wanted to make an attacking-defending robot. The design was that resembling a ramp for a shield, and an arm for a sword, powered by a motor. These were mounted as part of a standard car. This arm transitioned to four on an axle, resembling that of a Buddhist swastika. During the…
  • Death Triangle & Auto Death Triangle (EV3 Sumo Challenge)
      By Josh F, Caleb G Joey N
  • Lil' Timmy
    Lil' Timmy is our automated sumo bot. Our robot used an ultrasonic sensor, colour sensor and touch sensor. The ultrasonic sensor detected other robots, colour sensor detect the edge of the ring and the touch sensor activated the robot. How it works Our robot would spin on the spot until it detected with the ultrasonic…
  • The Robots of Death (ft. The Antenna of Death, and The Shovel of Death)
    THE ANTENNA OF DEATH ☠ OVERVIEW: This project was to create a robot that fought and defeated other robots. We made a robot (The Antenna of Death) that would drive under the other contestants and take their wheels off the ground. Our robot was designed to annihilate and humiliate the opponents' robots in a battle to the…
  • Jerry the Automated Sumo Bot
    Prototype 1 Our original design was going to be a continuation of the remote controlled bot from the first week of the challenge, with minimal changes to allow automation. The design was a medium sized, relatively tall robot with a high centre of gravity and a remote control scoop on the front - the idea…
  • Mr Robot Sumo Competition 2018
    The goal of this assignment was to create a robot out of Lego Mindstorms, the robot had to compete in a class sumo completion. The first tournament was for user-controlled robots and the second was for autonomous robots. Before we started building we decided to research what other designs looked like, no need to reinvent…