Client games 2019

These video games were created by Hobart College students in 2019. They were made in response to a Design Brief written by another student in class.

To run these games, you will need to install GameMaker Studio 2, available here.

  • Planet Survival
    Planet Survival is a top down shooter game that requires limited time to defeat all the enemies before they destroy your banner.   *This is the incomplete version* Planet Survival
  • The Quest To Retrieve The Holy Rabbit
    In this game, you must find the carrot and then give it to the rabbit. The player must jump and traverse around to the next platform to climb to the top. The rabbit blows up with random confetti as you deliver the carrot, very nice. I was requested to make a game with inspiration from…
  • Tower Defence: Circles vs Squares
    I was told to do a tower defence game, and luckily there was a YouTube video (three actually) that I copied, other than the health for the player/end of the trail. There was an incident that held me back two lessons. Tyson flipped the switch to my computer making not only what I did that…
  • doom,d
    This is the result of my inability  to function Here is the thing: doom,d  
  • Biscuit Toucher
    I was asked to make a simple game, so I did. Biscuit Toucher is a game similar to cookie clicker although it doesn't have nearly enough different upgrades and possibilities. Biscuit Toucher is a game where you try and get as many biscuits has possible in time before the game crashes. This game is quite…
  • Anger Jump
    not my game xp The game is a platformer and it gets harder as the game goes  on the game is called anger jump  i was told to do a platformer game by a friend its easy use
  • The maze is spooky
    The basic description of this game was a 2D maze game, with a few touches to make it a little bit more difficult. The game involves a small square character controlled by the player. The square has to collect all of the green objects while…
  • Castle Defender
    my game is an geo dash themed and the controls are left and right and space bar  and I hope you enjoy the simple but fun game   castel defender xp
  • Tower Defence client game
    Basic tower defence game with levels, coins and 3 different towers. Download link: TD
  • Long Johns Quest
    Long Johns Quest is a puzzle platform game that does not reward wrong movements. The Client requested a platformer with custom sprites but no further information about what some of the other mechanics for the game would be. During the development process I decided to add blocks that you can fall through, spikes and moving…
  • Fail Mario
    Fail Mario is a brutal fast pace platform game that requires both quick thinking and quick movements to reach the end. The client game 'Fail Mario' was created to be quick and enjoyable using classical controls yet quick thinking situations to escape the approaching wall of spikes all while jumping from block to block above…
  • Vbuck Sam
    Vbuck Sam is a platformer game with a cyberpunk theme. Most features of the game are the same as Mario with the same functions as the game as well. The enemies behave the same as in Mario moving in one way until they hit a wall then change direction and can be killed by jumping…
  • Wizard platformer
    You play as a wizard, and the goal is to clear the enemies and reach the end of the stage. This game is a platformer with the following mechanics/features: left / right, up / down movement health bar and death mechanics enemies which can eliminate you or be eliminated movement animations for character and enemies custom made…