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Athletics Carnival


On Friday 4th of March we held our annual athletics carnival there was running, sack race, bean bag race,skipping,relay,egg and spoon race and a group of people will be going to NE athletic then some people of that group will be going to ENE athletics then the very best people will go to the last one we hoping that we end up being the winning team!

Finnish Orienteering Championships in Middle Distance - qualification(Ikaalinen, 20150524) Raino Lampinen via Compfight


From Lucy ūüôā ¬†




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Crazy Hair Day


On Friday the 11th of march 2016 we did crazy hair day it was a gold coin donation to raise money for blood cancer their was  lot of crazy hair that I could not even image being medium it would be so hard, we  also sold cupcakes they looked spectacular!

Red Again Jennifer Wiggins via Compfight

From Lucy ūüôā



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NE Athletics Carnival


On Tuesday the 22nd 2016  4 grade 3 students got selected to go to north east athletics after north east there is east north east and then there is one at Launceston all of these grade 3 students chose to do 6 events: tug of war,relay,800 metres, 400 metres,200 metres and 100 metres.We hope they do well!

2015 Rollie Miles Sangudo via Compfight


From Lucy ūüôā



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Easter Holidays 2016


Week13/52 and 366-087 Happy Easter Christine und David Schmitt via Compfight

On Easter holidays we get 5 days off of school Friday, Saturday,¬†Sunday (Easter), ¬†Monday (Easter Monday) and Tuesday I really like school so I think we should have school on Tuesday, anyway that is probably because I like school.On Saturday we went to Launceston and went to a museum it was really fun we also went to Bunnings on Sunday we got so many eggs that nearly everyone’s face was totally brown, well thats all from me

Lucy is out!:)

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Cross Country 2016


ISB MeetCreative Commons License                                        Roman Boed via Compfight

Next friday we will be holding our school cross country carnival        most students shall participate, the distances the students will be  running are:  grade 6=2.6    km,grade 5=2.4 km, grade 4=2.1 km,  grade 3=1.9 km, grade  2=1.6,grade 1=1 km, prep=800 m,  kinder=600 m. If your  wondering what cross country is? It is  when run long distances  such as 1 km also known as 1000 m. So I  hope when you get into cross country you would what it is.


By Lucy



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Attelabus nitens      Dear Miss J,

Mark Gurney via CompfighT

I found out that weevils are a small,common insect,

There are about 40,000 species of a weevil. female hazelnut weevils make holes in hazelnuts and then lay eggs in the holes. The larvae use the nut as both food and home, i found this out on my trading cards on reading eggspress.

From Lucy,


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Funniest Videos


Dear Mr Walker,

On Monday night, Dad was playing on the scooters with us, and went down the ramp first try and fell on his back he laughed in the end but I wished I caught it on video because I could have put it on funniest home videos and sad endings.But it is still sore[dad told me to put that it is still sore and now I sent this he isn’t going to buy me a car when I grow up].

From Lucy,

,Summer When You're Young John W. Iwanski via Compfight

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What makes an amazing and extraordinary timeline.


A good timeline needs a line showing the direction of the years going past or to the present.  They also need years of when it was made or just when it happened  [the years must be in brackets for better results]. Timelines need pictures of what happend in color they also need clear writing of what happend, where it was and a few adjectives of what it looked like. Lastly, timelines need a title about what it is about.

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hello, my name is Lucy


hi I love being in northern Tasmania I love to dance and swim. I have the  cutest brother named Thomas, he is only just 3. I also like to  cheerlead and  play netball I like physical education and English and mathematics at my school. When I grow up I want to be a singer, dancer/dance teacher and maybe a gelato maker.

Poly Prep - 2015 Afternoon of Student Choreography - Dress RehearsalCreative Commons License Steven Pisano via Compfight

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