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Attelabus nitens      Dear Miss J,

Mark Gurney via CompfighT

I found out that weevils are a small,common insect,

There are about 40,000 species of a weevil. female hazelnut weevils make holes in hazelnuts and then lay eggs in the holes. The larvae use the nut as both food and home, i found this out on my trading cards on reading eggspress.

From Lucy,


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  1. March 8th, 2016 at 4:02 AM      Reply Miss J Says:

    Fantastic independent learning Lucy! I didn’t know that! Well done 🙂

    • March 9th, 2016 at 5:50 AM      Reply Lucy Says:

      Dear Miss J
      I am so glad that I finally taught you something hopefully I will end up being a teacher as good and awesome as as you. You are the best and one of a kind !

      From Lucy (:

  2. March 29th, 2016 at 11:42 PM      Reply Miss W. Says:

    G’day Lucy,
    This post has been added to the Tassie students blogging magazine which can be seen on the sidebar of the main xpress360 blog.

  3. April 17th, 2016 at 11:13 PM      Reply Rach Says:

    HI LUCY,
    I always thought you liked owls but on my post you said you like elephants.

    from Rachael : )

  4. May 26th, 2016 at 8:41 AM      Reply Nanna Says:

    Love your blog Lucy. I tried to log in ages ago but had express instead of xpress in the address. Thanks for mailing me to remind me again

  5. September 23rd, 2016 at 2:14 PM      Reply Kathryn Says:

    I liked learning about weevils. I wish you made your post longer. I wonder why weevils look so weird?

  6. October 14th, 2016 at 3:03 PM      Reply Milani Says:

    Hello lucy,

    Your information peice was very informative. Thank you for those facts. Now I know about Weevils. Although I wish that you had more details to discribe your facts. I wonder what season that the females lay their eggs?
    Hey Lucy, if you ever decide to check my blog out, please leave a comment if you could Here’s my Blog URL

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