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Howdy its Callie,

In todays blog I will be telling you what makes a good comment.

If you have any questions or wonderings about my post you can reply and ask me because its not good if you don’t understand what I’m writing about and I’ll try to reply back as fast as I can. To write a good comment you need to put in lots of information in your question or comment if you don’t I wont be able to understand what you mean or reply.

These are comments I left on some blogs.

Hi Bonnie, I like playing football with my sisters as well my sister plays football too. I like football as well because it is a team sport and you have to work in a team with different people. I watch my sister play football and it is very interesting watching people play.


Hi Oliver,

I enjoy writing poems as well and more when its about a sport.
Is cricket your favourite sport and if you do why?

Hi Isaac,
I like sports especially gymnastics, my favourite animal is kittens make sure you visit my blogĀ  because I’m doing a post about kittens, cats.
what is your favourite sport.

Hi that sound fun. I like you pets Max and Ling. You should visit my classes blog it is 4bc and comment on the post we have a few on there and they are very interesting.


  1. I like the way you commented on other peoples blogs,they had a lot of detail and really good questions. I would like to hear more from you in the future, and what got you into blogging?

  2. Hi Callie, I enjoyed our informational blog about how to write a quality comment and how you visited other blogs!

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