My Favourite Hobby Is….

Hey world,

In todays blog I will be telling you what my favourite hobby is and why.

My favourite hobby is gymnastics because it isn’t one thing because there are different types of gymnastics. In competition’s you have to make up a routine so you will have one for the bar, beam and floor. On floor you can do rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnastics. I don’t really do gymnastics but i used to. I do it at home and school and I find it very fun most of the time when I’m at school I go on the bars and do tricks.



  1. Hi Callie,
    My name is Briana, I’m twelve years old and I live in British Columbia Canada. I love gymnastics to! I am in the middle of making all my routines I know the floor routine it’s pretty cool. My favorite event is floor because I love to tumble. What’s your favorite event? My least favorite is vault. Once I went to vault and my hand landed on the vault and so did my feet so I was doing a bridge on the vault table. I have a great day and come visit my blog!

  2. I know why is is your favorite it is my favorite too. It is so fun.

  3. Hi, I’m hmsshayann,
    I really like gymnastics too. So what is your favorite thing to do in gymnastics? We kind of have the same interests. That is so cool! Do you do rhythmic gymnastics or did you do just gymnastics? Have a great day! Come and visit my blog.


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  4. Dear Callie,
    I like dancing more than gymnastics. I used to take gymnastic with my friend. I also took ballet,but I didn’t really like it. Have you done ballet? What level where you in for gymnastics?
    Jaya M

  5. Hi Callie,
    My name is Lola and I’m 9.
    I like the theme you have chosen for your blog.
    I really like gymnastics too!
    Come check out my blog at

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