Hi everyone,

This is a picture of me at Seaport with a swan.

Hard rough ground underneath me. Dark blue sea with black swans and ducks swimming around. Bright sun shinning  through the tall trees that sway side to side like sumo suit flying in the strong whirling wind. Black swan reflecting on the still calm sea. Giant blue sea surrounding a concrete path.

I think you should try writing a setting paragraph about a place you have seen before or any picture comment on this post your descriptive setting paragraph.


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  1. G’day Callie,
    Your words certainly give a great setting for a story. I wonder what the swan did next? Looks like you are ready to jump to your feet in case it charges at you.

  2. Hello Callie,
    I absolutely love your post and how you tell us about your setting and what you saw!
    I wonder how many swans live around there? Looks very fun. Make sure you check out my blog here’s the link:
    Sincerely, R’eonna

  3. Dear Callie,

    1. This is an amazing picture! I also love how visual your paragraph is, it felt like I was there with you! Is Seaport in California or Boston?

    Come visit my blog posts:


  4. I agree with Miss W. Hi my name is Haylee. I realy like your blog it is awesome!! Here is a link to my blog Hope you can come to by blog!!

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