The Nut, TasmaniaCreative Commons License Steven Penton via Compfightt

Hello everyone

This a picture of the nut. I climbed the nut in the holidays.

Steep concrete path that feels like its never going to end. The wind is so strong it feels like a knife cutting through my face and whirling around like a hurricane. The trees sway madly while we slowly walk around the steep curvy bends of the rough path way. Giant blue sea surrounding swaying trees at the bottom.

Can you write your own descriptive paragraph/sentence of your own to share with me. Use your own picture and describe the setting try to think of strong adjectives to use. I’m exited to see some of your ideas!!!!!!!

From Lily 🙂


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Posting with Lily

Hello it’s Lily and I’m going to talk about what I’m doing on my blog.

Because I have Diabetes I’m going to talk about what I eat with no sugar and show you some healthy recipes.

If you have any questions you can ask. Feel free to print out my recipes and try them at home.


My Favourite Animal

Hello everyone it’s Lily,

In todays post I will be telling you what my favourite animal is.

My favourite animal is a  Dog or Puppies because they are so cute and some dogs can be very fluffy I don’t know what I’d do with out mine. You can comment on what your favourite animals is because I would love to know if you do and why.


visiting blogs

Hi it’s Lily

If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask me if I haven’t explained something properly or you don’t understand

A great comment should make sense and you have to add more information so you understand and it should have lots of punctuation. If you really want the reader to understand well try to make an image in their mind and explain well.



All About Lily

Hi my name is Lily,

I’m 10 years old . When I was 8 years old in 2015 I got a disease called diabetes. Sometimes  find it hard but it doesn’t stop me from doing any thing because I sill do swimming, dancing, girl guides and I used to do gymnastics. My favourite sport is dancing with my friends.

I love my family and friends. My favourite thing to do at home is playing on my trampoline with friends and my brother Oliver and my sister Evelyn.

from lily.