All About Mia

My name is Mia,

I go to school in the Northern Tasmania

I play basketball



10 years old

I like Ice cream and Chocolate,



I have 6 people in my family, my dad, mum, sister, 2 brothers and I.



  1. G’day Mia,
    Ice cream, chocolate and the beach. Three things I can relate to as I live about 500 metres from a beach and I try to go for a short walk on it every couple of days.

    Ice cream and chocolate – what flavour or type do you like most?

  2. Hi Mia,
    Great to see the blogging challenge badge but you haven’t added the link to it. You will need to go back into your widget area and open the widget before adding the link URL.

  3. Hi my name is Maria
    I wonder how does it feel to be a 10 because 10/11/2017 is my birthday and i am going to be 10 tommorow .And what do you do over summer because last summer i barely got any rest because i had to go to summer school at my old school. 🙁
    Maria 🙂

    • Hi Maria,
      I hope you had a great birthday. How does it feel to be ten?
      My name is Marg and I am a mentor for the blogging challenge. I am looking forward to reading your posts. I have also made a blog so I can work through the challenges too. My blog is
      Talk to you again soon.

  4. Hi, I’m Emma. I’m 12 and I have three horses named Tilly, Alabama and Argo. I show on the hunter/jumper circuit. I like that you like horses, too. Do you show competitively, too? I like your blog as well!
    Emma 🙂

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