Do you like school?

Hi guys it’s Mia here,

I am going to tell you all about school. My favourite subject is Art and English. I love to do P.E with Miss Batty. AllĀ  my friends are really funny and they are nice to me. Recess is at 11:00, when do you have recess. lunch is at 12:40. At recess and lunch my friends and I play basketball, footy and sometimes we even sit on the oval. School starts a 9:00 but we are aloud to go in at 8:30 to unpack. School ends at 3:00. I catch a bus home and I get home at 3:30, it takes half an hour to get home. At school we are learning fractions and lots more things like that. I think school is alright, do you?


  1. Hi Mia,
    My name is Kayley I’m from Ms.Smiths class in Canada! I found you through the student blogging challenge student list. I saw that you like horses and basketball I love both of those things. Do you do horse riding or do you just have and interest for horses? Resess is at 10:15 and Lunch is at 11:45 for us.School starts at 8:30 but were not allowed inside before school.You mentioned a game called footy… what is that? We don’t have buses at our school. Anyways I hope you come and visit my blog soon!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Dear Mia,
    I am stunned by how amazing your blog is set up! I also love the way you asked the readers questions to get the readers more engaged! I would like to ask if riding horses is something that you do or something you’d later on consider doing. This blog was just unique and just out of this world!!!
    I would highly consider finishing my short story for the student blogging challenge.

    Thank you very much for your time!!


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