Game development research task

Hi everyone,

I hope you all got your ‘Game Design Game’ task finished and submitted to the blog.

Part of the learning for that task is meeting deadlines and how we structure our game development to ensure we get the best game by the deadline.

In software development there are four main tasks: analysis, design, coding, and testing/feedback. There are two main ways you can approach these four tasks: Agile and Waterfall.

In the traditional Waterfall method the first task is completed before the second task is started, and so on.

If the project runs behind schedule, the part that gets cut short is the testing, resulting in buggy games or projects that don’t meet deadlines.

The alternative is to build the minimal functional project, make sure it works by testing, then add features and repeat the testing.

Reflecting on your last game design project which would be better and why?

Fill in this worksheet and submit to Fronter.

You can also get a copy of the task from the R-drive robotics.

Good luck!