Blog post – Playful inventions

Today we are documenting our Lego game development project.

Your project will be marked for a total of 50 points (see below for details). The blog post is worth 10 points. To get all ten points you need:

Blog items
1) Title
2) Category
3) Photo
4) Video
5) Screenshot (s) code
6) Link to code (rename file extension to .docx then upload).
7) Description
8) Rules/How to play
9) Evaluation/reflection
10) Future improvements to the game

Your post should have headings for each section (click on the ‘Paragraph’ pull-down menu, not the ‘Bold’ button).

If you finish your blog post you can use the rest of the lesson to complete your project or add extensions/improvements.

Good luck!




Blog post – 10 points
• Description
• Images/video
Project proposal – 10 points
• Clearly defined
• Realistic
Programming – 10 points
Creativity / Design – 10 points
• Play-testers’ ratings
Use of time and other resources  – 10 points
• Self- and peer-evaluation


Uploading video – see blog post below


Screen captures – see blog post below

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