Follow the Yellow Brick Road

My game cards were “Create a Maze Game” with “Power Ups” and with a “Yellow Brick Rd”.

This was modified to add a countdown timer and random movement.

The finished result has all the features of the brief. There is currently only 1 level to complete.

Certain game features are a take-off from “The Wizard of Oz”.

Follow the yellow brick road-24l7fpm


5 thoughts on “Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Gg, no re. Good game though score was bugged, enemy was bad, power-ups aren’t exactly power-ups.

    Would have been better with more time. Graphics are decent but most are google images.

    – Josh Whitelock

  2. One thing I liked about the game is the graphics, even if some were from Google, I thought they fit well. A suggestion for the game would be adding more levels, as well as making it so that when you collect all the shoes, it actually does something.

  3. G’day Aiden. As part of this assessment I have to leave a comment on your game

    Comment one; “Once played a few times it was fairly easy to pick the easiest route to collect the shoes.”

    Comment two; “The dog character can be a little difficult to position in the event of escaping the bomb.”


  4. Hi Aidan,

    The game has some nice sprites but also made me rage because you cant win at all, but would be a decent game with some more rooms

    Brodie w

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