GDG – Rainbow Jump

Description: The player is a unicorn, who needs to jump on rainbow platforms to get back to his/her castle home. To finish each level, you need to collect a magical key, which will open the gateway to the next level. When playing, you need to avoid the flying lion enemy that will force you to restart the level if they hit you. You win when you reach the castle at the end.


My Cards:

Rainbow Jump Daniel-204fkdv

3 thoughts on “GDG – Rainbow Jump

  1. It was colorful and challenging at times. Next time maybe make the jump speed slower because it was a little slow.

  2. Aidan’s Maze Game Review.

    Comment 1: What I liked.
    The fact you had to collect all the items to proceed to the next room and they impact on the timer. But the game was really fun.

    Comment 2: What I disliked or what improve.
    Make player movement less precise. A little more forgiving. As a substitute for less precise actions rendering the game easier lower the timer to keep the same or slightly more difficult. Better sprites for rewards and player and maybe add sound but I really liked the idea and it played well.

  3. Game is well designed, could be a little harder to play as the levels go on. overall its a good game to play.

    Things I liked is that you had to collect keys to unlock the doors which was creative.

    things I disliked was the player movement wasn’t fast enough for the tip of game and the enemy killed you when he didn’t even touch you, there was still a gap in between the player and him.

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