Hi everyone,

Several times during the year people have had trouble when one person in a team is absent and the others cannot work because they cannot access the files. One possible solution is to use OneNote, Office365, and  SharePoint. I can create a OneNote notebook for your group. Once created, go to log into Office365;

If this takes you to the page with the palm trees, put in your school e-mail address, but no password.

This should take you to the DoE login page:

This will take you to Office365 on-line:

Click on the OneNote link… This will take you to OneNote on-line:

There you should find your groups OneNote notebook.

The collaboration space is where you can share documents within your group.

Create a new page:

Then make a zip file of your project using the right-click menu and 7-zip (compress):

Now add the zip file as an attachment to your page:

Then you (and your teammates) should see your zipped project files:

This is just a crude way of using Onenote…. more in a later post.

Good luck,





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